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Ostello del Bigallo - Bigallo Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  If you want to go to a peaceful place after a day in Florence, where you can buy a litre of red wine at three euros and enjoy it while watching the sunset, then this is excellent. It takes about an hour to get from the city to the hostel. You have to walk fifteen hundred meter from the busstop (nine hundred meters uphill) and then you get to this amazing place with a view over Florence. The rooms are great. Great beds and you can stay in a cubicle without paying extra -- its almost as having your own room. The staff are really sweet -- always smiling and helpful. Breakfast is good -- muesli, bread, and yoghurt. Bathrooms are fine too. Some of the other guests hated the place because there is no city life. So if you want to party, you should probably choose a hostel in Florence.  ()
1  To get here, you must ride 30 minutes on a bus to the last stop. Get off, walk five miles up a hill in the blistering sun, and the hostel staff will not let you drop your packs off. Not only that, but the place is locked, and you can hear the staff inside. And the hostel has a great view of Florence because it is a suburb of Florence, and you just hiked up a hill! Oh, and there are no shops nearby, no restaurants, and therefore no water!  ()
3  Good points: all-you-can-eat breakfast; beautiful views of Florence;, friendly staff;, good beds; and it's in an area that's quiet and safe. Bad points: it's VERY far away from Florence - a bus ride and a long walk up hill; the showers don't drain very well; and there's a complete lockout from early till late. On a side note, Florence is a pretty scuzzy city. Spend your time elsewhere, or make it a day trip only.  ()
4  Best breakfast we got in Italy, lots of choice and you could actually eat as much as you wanted! The large dorm is partitioned off into twin enclosures so there is a fair bit of privacy except noise wise. The major downside is the journey from Florence takes about an hour including the walk and the bus. The staff were nice and helpful.  ()
3  This place has really good accommodations but that was it--it's not very social, and the hill is a killer, especially in the summer heat. It's more like two kilometers rather than one from the bus stop (which is half an hour from the station, depending on traffic!) Make sure to eat before you get there, or take something dodgy from Florence--there's no kitchen, shops or restaurants close by.  ()
4  Everything is great here except for two things: First, getting to the hostel. It's a thirty minute bus ride to the outskirts of the city, and a 15-20 minute walk up a hill, which (with your packs) REALLY sucks. Second, the beds are in some sort of cubicle like things, with no ceilings separating them from each other, which isn't a problem unless someone comes back loud and drunk (which is really impressive, because of the aforementioned hike). If you stay here, having private transportation would be fantastic. It's a neat place, and a great view of Florence (you can see the Duomo), but so very far. Also, catching the night bus back is interesting; get good instructions on how to do that. We had to take a taxi back two nights.  ()
4  A pretty nice place to stay! It has a very helpful staff, clean beds and bathrooms, a good breakfast, and an affordable price! The only weak point is: you will feel a bit discouraged when you realize you need to walk up the hill with your heavy backpack!  ()
5  It's a long hike up the hill, but the hostel is great, and so are the staff members. It's very clean, too!! I would stay here again in a heartbeat!  ()

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