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Bent Prop Inn & Hostel of Alaska

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Noise, drunks, tweakers This is the only hostel I've stayed at where a large portion of the bunks are occupied by people who are living at the hostel. There is a residential hotel down the street, so the people living in the hostel must be too hard up to afford staying there, not who you want to share a room with on your vacation. After staying for several nights a guy moved into my room who seemed to be so high on meth that I had to pay another $50 to upgrade to a private room so I didn't have to worry about my stuff getting stolen. One night there was a very loud fight going on for what seemed like half an hour. It seems like not allowing alcohol causes some of the patrons to get very drunk before going back to the hostel. The only good thing I have to say is that if your going to an event at the convention center it's a great location.  , Usa ()
1   BEDBUGS, DRUNKS & THIEVES are the standard here BEDBUG INFESTATION -- need I say more? Call and ask about the CURRENT BEDBUG problem in EVERY SINGLE ROOM THERE ARE BEDBUGS!!! The caretaker Dave drinks daily and probably more. I had SEVERAL items STOLEN as did other unsuspecting boarders -- despite cameras all over the place, nothing was resolved -- I doubt the cameras work or that management cares. BEDBUGS =- ask some current residents about this. Or, go get eaten.  , US ()
5   Hostels -- worked for us! I got stranded in ak when a volcano prevented airlines from leaving. I was low on funds and found this hostel. I was very impressed with how nice and helpful the staff was. They sent someone to the airport to pick my roommate and I up. I was traveling with thirty pounds of fish and they found room in their freezer to store it for me. This place is within walking distance to all kinds of stuff. We got supplies from walmart and ate at several good restaurants. Buddy the manager was awesome and did everything to make sure people were happy and taken care of. Ben the owner was friendly and new good places to visit. I ended up staying three days and would have stayed longer if I could have.  , USA ()

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