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There are a few hostels in the Como lake area in Northern Italy and La Primula is the best option because it is located in the middle portion of the lake shores. At 15 miles from Lugano, Switzerland, it offers excellent hiking and mountain climbing alternatives, beyond nice ferry trips to other villages around the lake.

Though it is an HI hostel, the management is not such class A as HI advocates. There is a lack of personnel and employees are always busy, which results in a poor service to visitors. Also, as it is common practice in Italian hostels, the hostel is closed from 10 AM to 4 PM and no entrance is allowed in this period and there is a curfew.

The rooms are not big, since the estate is a villa adapted to be a hostel, but there is a sink with a mirror in each room, which are very useful. Linen and towels are available at a cost.

The hostel is in the slopes of a hill and has a nice porch on the first and on the second floor, opening to the lake with a great view. It has several games available for guests and offers Internet (but at a high price). This hostel has a very informal atmosphere with music playing all the time. Breakfast is accompanied with opera and meals with jazz.

There is no kitchen but this is compensated by the excellent meals which are offered at a reasonable price, with drinks included. Only a freezer and a microwave oven are available for guests; however the nearest supermarket did not have any microwave food for sale. Breakfast is included, consisting of coffee or chocolate with bread and butter under an eat as much as you can basis.

Showers are collective for both sexes, with no doors (only vinyl curtains) and it is difficult or even impossible to have some privacy during your bath.

Nature is the great value of this hostel and no guests should be worried about staying inside the hostel with so much to do outside, especially because the nearest hostel (Como) is located in town without any remarkable attractions.
by pdtboy
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Via Quattro Novembre 106, Menaggio, Lombardy, Italy
46.015654, 9.236062 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Great hostel! Beautiful location
We had stayed here in May and June 2005. It was the last leg of our trip and we wish we had more time here. The Como region is beautiful and this hostel is situated right next to the lake. We had a great view and some memorable breakfasts and dinners. We had taken a private room for four of us. So privacy was not an issue. Staff were very friendly and allowed us to heat/microwave food. Great experience over all. Great value for money experience. Loved the villages around Lake Como.
  We stayed two nights at this hostel while visiting Lago di Como. We decided that we wanted to go hiking in the pre-Alps and the staff was more than willing to recommend a hike. They were friendly and accommodating -- our train left Como at 7 .a.m and they told us we could get breakfast from them the night before. The food was also great -- we had dinner there one night, some of us ate there both nights. It is very easy to find and has a great view. Rooms and bathrooms were clean. Sheets were also free of stains and mess. Lockout at midnight was somewhat of an issue for us. they really close the place down so don't be late. Also, my friends rented bikes from the hostel and they broke half way around the lake. The guy who runs the place was angry that he had to go pick them up. I would suggest finding an alternative place to rent sports stuff.
  Stayed at La Primula yesterday. Lockout policy drove me out of this place today -- its a very quiet hostel, good for relaxing and catching up on your sleep so long as you go to bed early -- no sleep-ins here. The evening meal is set at 12 euro, and dont bother with the breakfast -- coffee which was alright, but a croissant out of a packet? Best to wander down to the local cafes instead. Location was brilliant, and the girl about twenty-five that works there was fantastically helpful.
  Beautiful location! Enjoy the terrace on the second floor with stunning lake and mountain views. Dinners are good and filling. The waterfall hike takes you up into the foothills and along a river past old mills and farms, etc. A beach just below the hostel is a great place to take a dip in the afternoons. The hostel is fairly clean, but the coed bathroom facilities could be improved (the shower curtains don't offer much privacy and it's a bit mildewed).Staff are multi-lingual, friendly and helpful. I'll be back!
  Wonderful hostel! The view from the balcony was stunning! The lakes area is really beautiful, and there is lots to do there: hiking (if you love walking go to the Riffuggio Mennagio...it's quite a hike, but the view is to die for!), canoeing, and visiting all the little towns around the lake, which you reach by boat (Bellagio, Bellano and others). The hostel is clean, and if it is true that the showers are only closed by curtains, at least they were clean! It is a very welcoming little hostel, the staff are nice and it really has a warm, rustic feeling. I strongly recommend it!
  This hostel has an amazing view but do not come here when it is hot. No fans, six people to a room and no screens on the windows for the hordes of mosquitoes. Very cheap and the owners are very nice. Just be sure to check the weather report before you come.
  This place is great. Beautiful super central location and staff who are willing to do anything for you! Overlooking the beautiful lake, wish I could have stayed here longer than two nights!
  I stayed here in September 2004. This place has a friendly and obliging staff, and a superb meal every night. It is worth staying here just for the food! The great view of the lake is a bonus!

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