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Blue Planet Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
This is a friendly little hostel that attracts a fun but not too wild crowd. It's located just a couple blocks from the train station, so it's easy to get to if you're coming in by train. It has a few tables and chairs to hang out outside and a tiny indoor common area with a projection TV, small kitchen, and computers for internet access (after you pay a high usage fee). There is a daytime lockout period.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Bedbug Haven My boyfriend was devoured by bedbugs. He had 71 bites on one leg, 46 on another ... We didn't even bother counting the ones on his torso, arms and neck. The receptionist gave us money back for that night but would not give us refund for the next night (obviously we did not want to stay there again!). On a tight budget, we were forced to stay there, another sleepless night for boyfriend. He was in so much discomfort. The bites formed massive welts on his entire body. We asked the man at reception if they had a first aid kit for bites. They didn't. We asked for money to buy something for bites. They refused. We asked to get manager's number to ask them. They wouldn't give the number to us. After about 15 minuted of arguing with reception staff, he gave up and gave my boyfriend a refund for the night before so he could go buy cream to soothe the bites. He was VERY ungracious about it though. "This just isn't my day then, is it?" Um hello? We just came to Paris for a week and two days in my boyfriend is covered in bites. This ruined the whole holiday. He could not relax or achieve relief for the whole time. It has been 10 days since it happened and he STILL has a fever. On top of this experience, there is no lift so we had to haul the suitcases up four flights on narrow, windy stairs. The toilet and shower is shared with the WHOLE floor. And you have to share your room key with the strangers in your dorm so if you go out at night and come home late you have to knock on the door and wake up the other dorm mates to be let in. One more thing ... We were locked out of the hostel one night because the front desk was unmanned and had to stand out there for 20 minutes. The next night we could hear a group of girls yelling to be let in because the same thing happened to them. DO NOT GO HERE. It is not worth it!  , age 21, Australian ()
1   Not good! Pick another! Receptionists are not polite, they don't try to help. It seems they are always doing a favor for you -- even for trivial things like telling the shower schedule or getting a key for you. The place is dark, not that clean, the energy point at room (there is only one) is at random places and, most important, they don't have wi-fi.  , age 27, Brazil ()
1   I wouldn't return Limited breakfast, don't have wifi, net expensive and bad computers, just one key to each room. Not recommended.  , age 24, Brazil ()
1   Terrible and shocking Unfortunately this hostel was not what i expected to be. This place is not bright, not clean at all -- a very depressing dark stinky hole. Guest kitchen what? Breakfast? If they call this breakfast -- two very small croissant with a plastic taste from the vending machine and an undrinkable caffé. Luggage storage is dirty as hell, rust is dropping everywhere. The room was dirty, there was no bed sheet and bed linen, the mattress was old and stinky very uncomfortable, i had to sleep in my raincoat. The shower is disgusting, there was rust on the ceiling which was dropping on me while a was showering and there was not hot water. The whole place smells like cigarettes although it is a none smoking area. It was very noisy until 3-4 in the morning people come and go on and on it was impossible to sleep. Everything was falling apart in our room -- the cornice fell down, the locker was not working so we were unable to lock our door from inside. There was only one electrical outlet and only one light in our room which you have to share with 3 people. There was cleaning time from 11-15 therefore you had to leave the place -- i just do not know what the hell they were cleaning because everything looked the same by the time we got back still dirty! The staff is unbelievably rude -- they really don't give a damn if you have a problem, they only say if you don't like something just write a letter to the manager. I recommend you not to ever go there, especially if you want something nice and clean, friendly and safe -- it is not what you are looking for.  , age 31, hungarian ()
1   Cheap price, cheap experience Originally booked for 5 days, bailed after 1. Showers went cold after 5min, both receptionists were jerks and breakfast was 3 factory produced and packaged croissants from a vending machine. We paid 21 euros for this and found much better for 23.90 euros elsehwere. DO NOT GO HERE, you can find better for the same price.  , Canada ()
1  my bum is cleaner than this hostel.  , Jamaica ()
1   Believe me, you won't like it! Too expensive & dirty! I spent some days there and I was surprised how dirty a hostel can be. The staff had to change the bedding five times because of big, nasty stains. After all, they weren't really clean. Moreover, the receptionists are always bad-tempered and don't wanna help you, I have the feeling they aren't even able to. Another aspect are the showers. In rooms under 5 persons, you can only have a shower in the hallway. That isn't all. You can't really close the door, there's always a gap, where the others can watch you while taking a shower or going to toilet. Really terrible. In rooms of 5 beds you have the same problem. Everyone can see you and don't even think the bathroom is clear! While I was spending my holiday, there weren't hot water! Every morning and every evening you had to take a very cold shower! It was horrible! And the breakfast, omg, you get three chips and then you have to go to the vendor and get either muddy choco rolls or a bad-tasting coffee. Again horrible! The four days I've spent there were terrible, I am glad Paris isn't! Taking everything into account the price is too high! Overpriced!  , U.S. ()
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