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Hostel & Apart Hotel Anahi

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Hostelz.com's Review
Hostel & Apart Hotel Anahi has helpful (but not friendly) staff and is good enough for a couple of nights. This is not a party hostel, nor is it very social, it's rather a place to rest for travelers. It's centrally located with good amenities close by.

The Location

Anahi hostel is close to the bus station. From the bus station, walk two blocks down av. Misiones for about two hundred meters and turn right onto av. Paraguay, walk up the two blocks to a start-shaped road intersection, and there is the bright yellow Hostel Anahi across the street on your left. Buses from all over the country arrive at and depart from this bus station, as well as buses from/to the airport, from/to the waterfalls (both Argentine and Brazilian sides).

Hostel Anahi is located just across from a supermarket, and there are pubs and discos nearby and eating places. The noise from the pubs and discos is not disturbing for sleep except when late-night partiers decide to start a conversation right by the dormitories' window (all dorms are at street level). Coming out of the hostel to the left, there is a market of cheeses, salamis, and chorizo. Most shops have some tables and can make you a cheap meal.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel has five dormitories as well as private rooms and apartments available. Dorms have up to ten beds (five bunk beds) and they have a window with a mosquito net, air conditioning and heating, and huge lockers in which you are able to fit two adults! The reception can provide padlocks for the lockers. The dorm rooms do not have keys so they are always open, but there is someone in the reception all day (although they don't seem too strict about who they let in). Anyone can just walk in to the hostel, so it is advisable to lock up all valuables in a locker.

There is one shower/toilet per dorm (surely it must be crowded when it is full but there were only three guests in our dorm during our stay) and it is clean, with a door lock, space to change, and complimentary soap. There is a single hook outside the shower curtain and a soap dish in the shower. The toilet is in the shower room (thus closed when someone takes a shower) but there is another toilet in the hallway and a sink and mirror in the dorm, just outside the shower/toilet room.

Common Spaces

There is free access to the kitchen which has pots, pans, cutlery, and plates, but no condiments, spices, oil. There is also complimentary tea/coffee (help yourself from the kitchen table). Next to the kitchen is a common room with pool/snooker table and TV with DVD player. In the reception there is another TV and also a few sofas, two computers with internet and skype (there is a per-hour charge) and the receptionist can sell you tickets for tours. They also have a few books for book exchange.

The TV is constantly on (and quite loud) in the reception and can be heard through the thin dorm doors, which can be a pain if you're trying to take an afternoon nap. They turn the volume down at a reasonable hour though. On the roof, you will find a clothes line for your laundry to dry. The hostel can also do your laundry for a fee. The atmosphere of this hotel is quite quiet (apart form the TV) as backpackers are out and about all day and there is no outdoor area and the common indoors area are usually empty. The crowd that stays here is young and international but the best place to meet them is in the dormitories.

Breakfast is included in the price of the room and consists of two or three danish pastries (facturas) per person. These are left in the kitchen and each portion has the name of the guest and his/her bed/room number on it.


In the end, this is an alright hostel, clean and conveniently located. The staff are helpful and the low season offer of three nights for the price of two is one of the best deals in town.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
October 2008

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