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Bled Backpackers Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Bled Backpackers Rooms is extremely friendly and nice. The hostel is attached to a bar. Everyone, including the staff, seems to be having a great time. Linen and towels are provided in the price. The atmosphere is very easygoing and fun. Security cameras are being installed to provide even more security for guests. There is internet access for guests in the bar area. Laundry can be done for a fee. There are brochures available for excursion booking. Some of the activities that the hostel can book are rafting, canyoning, biking, and winter sports in season.


The location is excellent and the hostel is easy to find -- just ask for George Best Bar. It is about a fifteen-minute walk into the center of town. The lake is just a five-minute walk away and the castle is about a ten-minute walk from the hostel. There are restaurants, bars, and a grocery nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are twenty beds total -- five dorms with four beds. The space is very tight but everything is brand new and very nice and clean. The beds are comfortable but there is very little personal space. There are three bathrooms that are shared. They are new and clean, too. There are large lockers under the beds with keys available.

Common Spaces

The common area is actually a bar attached to the hostel called George Best Bar. The beer is cheap and the atmosphere is welcoming and fun. There is no kitchen but in the bar there is a refrigerator for guests to put any food that they purchase. There is a nice outdoor terrace for socializing. There are darts and other games in the bar for guests to enjoy. Lake Bled is a vacation destination and the hostel tries very hard to help guests to have a fun time and meet other travelers.


This hostel is a fun place to stay with a very relaxed atmosphere. Although the personal space is minimal, the overall new condition and clean environment make it a good recommendation for travelers wanting to meet people and have fun.

Review by S. Topf

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
May 2008

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Disappointing I, along with 3 of my friends spent 3 nights here. While the staff were friendly and helpful they neglected to inform us of a tourist charge on top of our existing bill until out checkout (adding an extra €40 to our bill) -- which I thought should have been told to us upon arrival and was false advertising. The room itself had no lighting as all the bulbs were broken, and we had to rely on the lighting of our phones for guidance. The hostel provided no towels, contrary to their advertisement that they would be provided. Adding to this, the security lockers in the room were "broken." and we were told that we couldn't use them. This meant as had to carry all our important belongings around with is, which was not ideal when you are visiting an area with an emphasis on water activities. The room itself had very little security, with the cleaning staff leaving the balcony door open after cleaning for the entire day, allowing anyone from the adjoining room (who had access to the balcony) access to our room. We were also only given 1 key to the room and when part of a group of 4, this was hardly ideal. The hostel itself was very dark, with very little lighting, and the bathroom was frequently untidy. For 2 of the 3 days we spent there, the bathroom had no toilet paper and we were forced to buy our own in the local supermarket. After being recommended this hostel by many friends who had stayed here before, I was very disappointed with our stay here. If I were to return to Lake Bled, I would give this hostel a miss.  , age 22, Irish ()
5   Awesome! All the staff we met were super welcoming and helpful, even helping us plan out our trips. The hostel is really clean, there's a pub downstairs with first-things-first welcome shots, which was new and wonderfully tasty! Good location (right by the Vintgar trail, a mercator grocery store and short walk into town), the room isn't too crowded, nice washrooms (with wooden planks outside the showers so the floor doesn't get soaked!!!), nice patio/balcony, and good wifi! If you want to transfer your pictures or use a desktop, it's slow but there is one!!!  , Canada ()
4   Great We were in Bled for three days with my friends in 2006. We have slept in this hostel. The hostel was clean and tidy, and there is a good bar in the basement.  , Hungarian ()

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