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HI - Paris - Jules Ferry Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Not far from Republic station, Auberge Jeunesse Jules Ferry is a cheaper hostel than others on offer in Paris. Sadly it doesn't offer online bookings. But thankfully, both times we have used this hostel, a mid-afternoon walk in has secured a room (around five p.m. it still has vacancies). The directions are best followed for Absolute Hotel, also on this website and then talk a left turn at Rue de Jules Ferry. You will be able to see the HI sign from the corner.

Reception staff speak English, French, and Spanish generally and are, like most French, most helpful when spoken to in French. Otherwise, you can book a night at a time, and renew before midnight to secure the next day. On the ground level, you have a reception desk, some wooden benches and some old art from the era gone by of trains, a small kitchen (mainly for breakfast), but there is an upright class fridge so you can store your groceries. Breakfast is included but it strictly rationed by the French lady. One mini bread roll, butter and jam, one cup of juice (heavily sweetened) and a hot drink, which are pretty good -- especially the HC.

Then there are the rooms, from one flight to five flights up (they are steep). But there is a locked lift for your luggage, so if you ask nicely, you can see your life disappear weightlessly. So there is a range of room sizes. Four and six beds do not have a bathroom included, and you share it with four other rooms. There are two showers and two toliets per floor, and one toilet is indicated female. The bathrooms have aged, and flip flops/thongs make it more managable.

You get one sheet and a woolen blanket, which can be insufficient in early spring when the heating has been turned off, or oppressively hot if the heating has been turned on after a cold spell at the beginning of summer. Either way, rooms have french doors opening to the street, and whilst noisy, they do a lot to increase the ventilation. Rooms have a sink in them, with mirror. There are also double rooms available with a bathroom.

As to the general atmosphere, it isn't the biggest party hotel, but the staff will happily, and drunkenly, point you to night clubs and even advise you that what you're wearing isn't up to scratch. But generally, unless you meet someone nice in your room, you are likely to be a little lonely on the social front.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
June 2006
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Horrible. Stay away. I'm pretty sure the front desk guys were making a quick buck by renting out empty beds at the end of the night to a few homeless people. You know what homeless people have? Bedbugs. The security here was a joke. You have to leave your key with the front desk guys when you're leaving but they don't have a locker area for your bags in the room. Breakfast was a joke (canned fruit cocktail and a baguette) and it was just better to get a croissant and a coffee from the nearby boulangerie. Bath rooms were a mess. There were holes in the stalls that peeked out to the other stalls!!! Save your euros and go someplace else.  , age 25, United States ()
5   Low key but alright where it matters Excellent location. Clean crisp sheets & hot showers. Nice rooms, good breakfast.  , Uk ()
1   Terrible not goings in this hostel. there are bugs. there are the acaris. when I returned at home I have spent 100 Euro for the cares. the owner refuses to refund me. I ever beg you not goings in this hostel.  , italian ()
1   Very few good points! I recommend you skip it! I stayed at this hostel in June and was there for five nights however during the stay they moved me twice so i was in three rooms! I guess they thought since i was a single traveler that they could do that, it was completely unfair since i had booked the hostel weeks in advance. I stayed in many hostels on my trip and this was by far the worst. The staff were not helpful and sometimes downright rude, they were more interested in speaking with their friends then answering simple questions. The bathrooms were disgusting, and the showers had so little pressure it made camp showers look like a spa. The weirdest thing about this hostel is every room gets one key which means you stop by the front desk before you go to your room and pick up your key if you are the first one back to the room, this also means anyone could honestly walk in ask for a room key and then steal your stuff i really doubt the staff would notice. The only good thing about this place the rooms are clean and the subway stop is close and the station has a lot of lines. I highly recommend you skip this establishment!  , USA ()
3   Good location, with a bit of work it could be excellent The showers and toilets could do with ripping out and replacing, but apart from that it is fine. The four-bed dorm was spacious. Just don't try to have a second cup of what they assured us was coffee at breakfast, or the woman who blocks access to the bins -- so she can complain that you aren't yet putting rubbish in the bins -- will get very upset! There are lockers in the basement with a bizarre electronic control system, but they broke, and the staff seemed so used to it -- they were a bit past caring.  , UK ()
2   Basic -- but bad basic rather than good basic When I arrived the old sheets were still on the beds (the cleaning lady had apparently left for the weekend with the key to the linen cupboard). The laundry was broken down. So were the downstairs loos. So was the luggage room (you could leave your stuff in an insecure place beside the reception desk). The rooms were clean enough, but there's only one key to each room, so each room is open for anyone to walk in as long as there's someone in there. There's no secure storage (a lockable cupboard) in each room. Bathrooms (loos and showers) are cleanish, but the cleaning schedule on the door had gone moldy and hadn't been updated since August 2008. The ceilings in the bathrooms were covered in mold and smelt accordingly. Breakfast was basic, and thus ok, but served by a lady whose face was fixed in a permanent glower -- except when she briefly relented to unburden herself about some perceived slight to another member of staff. No Wireless. Not even a free signal from one of the neighbours! There are a couple of internet terminals at about 6euros per hour in the foyer. Nowhere to sit communally except the foyer and kitchen. Location is very good. It takes about twenty-five minutes to walk to Notre Dame. The Republique Métro nearby is a good hub for a lot of metro lines. Nice and close to Gares du Nord and Est for people coming from either U.K. or Germany. To sum up. I have stayed in many youth hostels in which the surroundings were more salubrious and the staff more friendly.  , New Zealand ()
4   Friendly youth hostel The gentleman who runs the youth hostel has showed understanding and he kindly accepted to change my booking. It is something he did not have to do but he kindly did it. It is a friendly youth hostel run by a serious organisation (the auberge de jeunesse). I can fully recommend it.  , french ()
5  This is a very nice, gay youth hostel near Place Republique and Le Marais (the gay area of Paris). It's not expensive -- 21 euro per night -- and there's a wake up call at 10 a.m. Between 10 and 2, the hostel is closed for cleaning. You have to be under thirty-five to enter this hostel. This is a great place to meet other nice guys, there are rooms with four, six, or eight beds. My experience is that the four- and the six-bedded rooms are the most fun.  , Switzerland ()

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