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Surf City Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Bad Parking was inconvenient since we had to spend at least 40 mins for a spot. Not worth $90 for 2 people as the rooms were also pretty messy, hot and noisy. Normal hotel prices average around $100 and are a much better deal since they are not hostels. Maybe if it was cheaper it would be worth it.  , age 23 ()
3   Affordable but noisy If you're traveling on a budget and with friends (and therefore not planning to sleep), then Surf City Hostel is fine. A single room is clean and of a good size. There's no wardrobe or desk and everything is kept basic. The entire hostel sits above a bar where loud, live music plays late into the evening/early-hours (I stayed on a Tuesday and Wednesday night). On my visit, guests were running back-and-forth along the hallway, drinking and shouting until 2am. I suppose you expect this from a low-budget hostel -- it's unavoidable -- but it's grating during the early hours. There are a few slip-ups with showers not working, blinds not closing and no supplied fans in rooms (it gets hot), but if your trying to stay on the pier for as cheap as possible in somewhere safe and secure, then pick SCH.  , UK ()
4   It's a good place to stay. Would stay again. I stayed one night, and it was pretty awesome. I met 4 European travelers and we all had a great time. I would do it again in heartbeat. The beds were okay, not great by any means but that's to e expected in a hostel. The only other con was the noise from the street, and that didn't even keep me up.  , Usa ()
5   Great location, friendly people, and clean The staf were friendly and helpful. The hostel was clean and was in a great location. I met a lot of really nice people and would definitely go back again.  , United States ()
1   Horrible, nasty, smoke-filled place I regret coming there -- the hostel is filled with cigarette smoke (which I believe is illegal in California); as a person with asthma I had to be subjected to secondhand smoke in all common areas. Also, the hostel is not women-friendly and harassment of women is okay there apparently -- it's filled with weirdos who'd drinking all over the place, some of whom look like homeless and they harass solo guests, Disgusting place. The bathroom was shared male and female with toilet stalls being in front of shower stalls, and no separation at all. Try to go to a safer place.  , europe ()
3   Great location -- decent hostel Ok, so we stayed here around a month ago (July 2009), although I wanted to hold off until I stayed in other hostels so i had something to compare it to. Location is fantastic as it is literally on the beach and you have everything you need within a mile radius (most of it is actually on doorstep). Getting there was not the easiest, although with a bit of prior planning it is doable. We used the LA Transit system (a bit of an experience)!, changing to three different trains before finally getting a bus to the Hermosa Beach area. The hostel itself is fairly inconspicuous amongst the many bars and shops on the road down to the beach. This has its pros and cons. The pros are that if you are there to party, you have everything right by your hostel and you can also get some really great deals on the food during the many happy-hour promotions (which run until around 8 p.m. most days). However, the knock on effect is that it is relatively noisy at night, although it didnt stop me sleeping. We stayed in a private room, which was fairly small and reasonably clean. Like most hostels, it could do with some work. We found it adequate for what we needed. The advertised free Wi-Fi is available, though only in a room across from the office which has a table and some wooden benches. The TV room is also pretty dingy, as is the kitchen, although I wouldnt imagine many people would be cooking with such cheap food in the pubs below. All in all, this was a good place to stay, and brilliant if you like the beach. We met some fairly nice people, despite there being no social side to the hostel itself.  , Scotland ()
4   Cool place Me and my friend Veronique lived at this hostel from May 2002 to August 2002. Yep, close to four months! We worked there, i was the cleaning lady of the first floor. I had lots and lots of fun, we partied a lot, hung out with almost everybody, the staff were great then. The hostel was clean (while i was there -- cause i was the one who cleaned it!) but it was very smelly. Lots of clubs around, the beach is at the door, very cool place. Odile, the french manager, was great. i'd love to go back one day.  , Canada ()
2   Rude Staff like bar bouncers. I stayed here in 2006 for a few days, the manager is a French woman and she has a "Special" liking for tall and masculine man. She gives them security position and then enjoys other travelers being insulted and sometimes even physically attacked! Before there was a sixty-year-old ex-muscle guy, who went crazy last year and had to leave and go back to Australia, when I left, there was another tall guy, who would throw smaller guy out of bed for being drunk. He doesn't even care about girls and women and asks them to leave in the middle of the night! I think French woman herself is very insecure and likes rude and physically abusive staff.  , English ()

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