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Croft Bunkhouse Bothies & Wigwams

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Threatening and aggressive owner We were intending to camp outside the bunkhouse for a week but left after two nights due to the arrogance and threatening behaviour of the owner. As we arrived late on Friday night and decided to pitch tents and pay the next day. When we went to find the owner the next day he wasn't in. That evening when we were cooking tea in the bunkhouse, the owner came and found us. We knew something wasn't right when his opening line was "what the f*ck do you think you're doing?". He asked us aggressively why we thought it was okay to pitch our tents without his permission, and every time we calmly tried to explain that we'd arrived late and didn't want to disturb him we got told "don't f*cking answer me back". Numerous times during the argument, he puffed his chest up and squared up to me as though he was about to hit me. There were no signs up saying we weren't allowed to pitch and pay the next day, which indeed is a policy a good proportion of campsites employ. I pointed this out to him and he again squared up to me and said "so you think I should put a f*cking sign up do you?". When I answered that yes, I did think it would be a good idea, we got told we could "get the f*ck off my campsite". Ironically, he get kept asking "do you want to make an issue of it?" -- clearly not, we were happily cooking our tea until you subjected us to this onslaught of verbal abuse! To add insult to injury, the owner had been through our tents during the day and unpegged a load of guy ropes. This ridiculous reaction to a simple misunderstanding is the most threatening and unjustified attack I've ever encountered. The whole situation could have been handled by the owner simply asking for us to, next time, phone ahead. I stay on campsites nearly every other week and I have NEVER felt so threatened and been treated so appallingly be an owner before. On what planet he thinks it is acceptable to act so aggressively towards anyone, never mind his paying customers, I'll never know. As far as the campsite and bunkhouse itself goes -- The camping area was very overgrown, though adequate. The bunkhouse kitchen and toilets were clean but in definite need of a refurbishment. We spent the rest of our trip at another campsite, which I would highly recommend and has very friendly and welcoming owners.  , UK ()
5  Bloody brilliant...my sister & I stayed here for a few nights whilst waiting for a new job to come through - we stayed in the bothy and had it all to ourselves - our own wee cottage for about 6quid a night! Fantastic, and the owner is lovely (check out her artwork!) We also stayed in the bunkhouse, which was a little TOO cosy (we had to share a bed with a whole other family!) but it's all good...  ()
5  I planned to stay for 2 nights, but ended up there for a week! It's in a brill location to explore Skye, and there's a good pub just up the road. The owner gave useful tips regarding local walks and places to see. The hostel itself was clean and cosy. Overall, I'd definitely recommend the place.  ()

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