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Bazpackers Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Bazpackers' Hostel is farther from the intercity transportation than several other establishments, but the extra walk is worth it. A little ways up the hill from Inverness Castle on Culduthel Road behind a small restaurant, it is about five hundred meters from High Street and the town center and is just as convenient for any activities in and around Inverness as any other local hostel.

Although it appears from the outside rather tucked away behind a restaurant, stepping inside, you find yourself at home. The approach is deceiving, however: somehow, by a trick of its placement on the hill, the hostel looks over most of Inverness and back up the Great Glen—a spectacular scene come sunset.

The common areas and kitchen can feel a bit tight, especially around dinner time, but the people you meet will soon make this minor drawback seem instead an addition to its character. On the whole, a smaller establishment (the smallest in Inverness in fact), it is all the cozier and you may be tempted to spend a larger portion of your day simply taking a load off in front of the elegant fireplace. Clean and very well-maintained, the only strange bit is that there is only one bathroom per floor, which leads to some odd, groggy looks when you enter in the morning to find a man or a woman has beaten you to the showers. However, the awkwardness doesn't last, and the dorms are themselves separated. The beds are quite comfortable and the rooms plenty spacious enough, although one has a slight heating problem (which the staff is quite aware of and does its best to make up for).

Situated in an old Victorian town house, the hostel exudes warmth, with a bit of stonework, wood paneling, floor rugs, and a comfortable decor. Coming to Bazpackers', you can just retire for a good night's sleep if you like, but you can also spend a cheery evening in the common area, taking advantage of extraordinary cordiality of everybody who ends up there. Personally, I found it one of the most pleasant stays I have had in a hostel so far!

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
January 2005
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Very good Very central location with beautiful view. Staff is very helpful and nice. the beds are comfortable and good. Bathroom are new and clean. I hope to come back early.  , age 41, Italy ()
5   Excellent Stay Although the room and bathroom are small, but the facilities are complete. It's the nice stay in Inverness in that cold and rainy day.  , age 20, Taiwan ()
4   Terrible staff, awesome showers My husband and I stayed here for two nights and after the first five minutes of being there we were really wishing we'd booked at the backpackers two doors down. The front desk lady was incredibly short with us to the point of being rude, and was also rude to the other hostelers there. In the morning we went out to buy groceries and returned to make some quick sandwiches so we could go out biking for the day. However, the same lady kicked us out -- not only out of the kitchen but the entire hostel. We can understand that it is difficult for staff to clean a hostel when there are people all around, but when we went to the front door to put our coats on (it was raining out) she actually told us to leave and put our coats on outside because she really wanted to clean and we were in her way. Seriously?! We didn't come back til late in the day because we really felt uncomfortable being around her! I'd go on about the other things she did and said, but I want to say that there were some great aspects to this hostel. The fireplace in the main room is super cozy and the hostel cat will sleep all evening on your lap if you let her. The showers are hands-down the best of any hostel -- stainless steel and roomy. The only downside of the washrooms is that the light is on a timer so if you spend more than about fifteen minutes in the washroom or shower you will be left in the dark until someone comes to rescue you -- rather creepy at night! The kitchen is quite small, making it hard to cook when there are any other people in there with you, but there's free coffee and tea, which are always appreciated.  , Canada ()
1  Stayed as three young women twenty-three years old. we were put with an older man around fifty who insisted on sleeping nude. I have never been more uncomfortable or scared in my life. this was not only dangerous but simply imconsiderate by the staff. We will never return to Bazpackers.  ()
4  I stayed in 2005 and shared a double room with my wife, and i thought the staff. rooms, and the views were excellent. We plan to go back this year.  ()
4  I stayed here in September '05. We had one of the double rooms. It was very nice with a desk and a nice view of the river. It was quiet and had good facilities. I would definitely go back again.  ()
4  I stayed here in October and it was rather cold in the rooms but the blankets they provide you with are quite warm. The staff were great—very helpful and friendly. It is small, but very cozy and I got to meet some really cool people. It was clean and I felt completely safe the entire time I was there. The view from my window of the river, castle and two churches was beautiful. I would recommend this hostel to everyone.  ()
4  I visited this hostel during the summer of 2004 and liked it very much. For such a low price per night I think the hostel provided a very high degree of comfort, and the shower and toilet facilities were always very fresh. The location is perfect since it's so close to the center of the town. And it still can provide a nearby walk (or run) along the River Ness and the beautiful Ness Islands. But, saying that the Inverness Castle should be minutes away from the hostel is a lie — it's only seconds away. (Well, ok, it depends on how fast you're walking.) If I someday return to Inverness, which I hope I do since it's such a lovely town, I will absolutely stay at Bazpackers. You felt at home by the first night (and by the first glance of Poppy, the fat cat). I hope she is still alive and well, making the stay at Bazpackers more cozy (for non-allergic persons, that is). I advise you to try and get a bed at this hostel if Inverness is on your travelling route!  ()

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