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Arnie's Backpackers

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  This is one of the best hostels I ever stayed. The owner is extremely friendly and helpful, and is also actively involved and engaged in the independent hostels organisation, so has lots of information about other good spots to stay.  , Scotland ()
1  My sister was murdered on the sidewalk in front of Arnie's Hostel in May 2005. She was murdered by a local girl that Arnie allowed to come and go as she pleased even though he knew she was a danger and had been harassing my sister. Arnie then avoided the police to be interviewed even though he was lying to me telling me that he was trying to help. My sister's blood is on Arnie's hands as well as the girl, Sarah, who killed her. I would never allow anyone I know to stay at Arnie's Hostel!  ()
4  I dont usually bother to do this sort of thing, but there were two hostels in Europe that I found on my adventures and that really impressed me, and this was one of them. Arnies was small but lovely and homely and made me feel less lonely and "all citied out" on my travels. The dogs were a great touch, and Arnie's information and assistance was most helpful. Apart from the black taxi tour, walking the dogs through the university grounds was a highlight of my trip to Belfast.  ()
5  It's the best hostel I've ever been! It even made me and my boyfriend decide to start our own hostel in Holland. The people who work there are very friendly and helpfull. We were with a group of 8 people and they really helped us to find interesting things to do. The cleanyness is ok. But what had the most charm, is the atmosphere. At one time, Herman (the friend of arnie who was running the place at the time) had his anniversuary at this time. He called everybody downstairs, and his friends came, and we had a great party and he gave us free drinks. Also when he was booked full, he rented his own bed and went to sleep in the livingroom. And after a while there came a father and a little boy and he let them sleep in the livingroom and he moved his own bed to the kitchen! Thats what i call hospitallity. It's very small but it has its charm. So if you have the possibitilty,. Go there!!! (its also about the cheapest hostel in belfast)  ()
5  I loved it. It was way better than any other hostel I was in during my trip. My first night I met two other Canadians and some very nice Yanks and I ended up staying three extra weeks because I felt so at home. We miss you Arnie, Rosie and Snowie.  ()
1  I stayed here and to be honest it is the most disgusting place I have ever been to in my life, and that includes mud huts in Kenya. The two dogs probably have the cleanest bedding in the place. Our bed cover was covered in dried bloodstains and the sheets looked like they were last changed three weeks ago. The showers were revolting. Arnie made us a cup of tea on our arrival but I think he bought the milk when he changed the sheets.  ()
5  Although I only stayed for one night, I really got to like the place: Arnie is a great host with a wonderful sense of humor, and the whole place is very relaxed and friendly. And cheap! The rooms and the whole place are a bit small, but on the whole, having stayed at many hostels on a two-week Britain and Ireland tour, I enjoyed my stay at Arnie's the most.  ()
1  I expect the health services have been rubber-stamping this guy's approval rating for some time now. If they had visited it in the last year they might have made note of the fact that not even the canines are willing to live there anymore. This place is filthy; the outhouse shower is a breeding ground for Legionnaires disease. The one staff member I met whilst there when we stayed was a decent enough kid. I was glad to hear him say that he was getting the hell out of the place, too. I would avoid this place. Honestly! I cannot fathom why the Lonely Planet would rate this as a place to stay.  ()

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