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Govind Hotel

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Govind Hotel is conveniently located near the train station and still within a short distance from the the sights. There's also a lovable, almost granddad-like owner who will happily help you out with any plans and tell you the real cost of things in the area.

The Location

They offer a free walking pick-up, not only from the station, but also from your train carriage, so go for that. Otherwise it's a relatively simple find, but you'll be bombarded by tuk tuk drivers on the way. As you leave the station you'll want to head right down the busy road outside. Follow this for approx one-and-a-half kilometers and keep to the left-hand side. The property will be on your left just after a row of shoe shops.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm here actually resembles a normal dorm with hostel-like bunks, rather than a bunch of single beds crammed into a room like a lot of other Indian hostels. There are also ceiling fans near each bunk and lockers large enough to fit your whole bag (you'll need your own padlock). Beds are clean and comfy, and and the room -- although narrow -- is pretty spacious. Wi-Fi unfortunately doesn't reach the dorm, as it's in the basement, but you may catch it in one of the private rooms near the common area. The property also has its own generator, handy for any power cuts.

Common Spaces

There's a rooftop terrace with chairs and tables overlooking the fort -- it's not really set up for mingling (it's more of a restaurant), so meeting people up there might be tricky. They do serve beer and great food there, though. Other than that, there's a small seating area near the reception, but you'll rarely see people hanging out here. The bathrooms are clean by Indian standards and there's a toilet and shower room in the dorm. The shower is cold, unfortunately, but there is a hot tap at hobbit height, so you can have a hot wash if you crouch down.


This is a chilled-out, comfortable hostel where you will likely see other backpackers -- definitely not a party hostel or a hippie hang out. It's secure and friendly, and you can arrange all your trips and travel here through a guy who's definitely not out to rip you off.

by Chris
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
March 2014

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