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Perkele Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1  Apart from the good response through emails, nothing seems good. The rooms are dirty and smelly (we changed a few rooms). The place is not safe, there were drunk people shouting and singing and someone tried to open our door one night. Male and female shared the same shower place and toilet -- there is a gender sign that you can put when in used, but guys still try to go in even it was female time. Some of the locks were broken as well. Lady travelers are not advised to take any risk to try out this hostel. The only better service by a guy (university student) at the reception, others are not helpful.  ()
1  This hostel is very poor. The showers had no curtains and were basically pipes suspended above your head dripping out water. The staff were surly and unhelpful. Definitely one to miss.  ()
1  Dirty and very noisy place — so if you want to sleep don't stay there. Very nice staff.  ()
1  This place gives you the unique feel and touch of a real, classical Stalinistic building. There is also an underground pub in front, which prevents you from sleeping well in your room when your window is open. If you close the window, however, you might suffocate because it gets really hot inside the building in the summer. This hostel certainly needs a good face lift. Try it only if you dare!  ()
1  Mate, this place is a dump!!! The toilets always smell worse than my feet (and they smell bad after a day of sightseeing). The showers don't have curtains and cannot be locked, so all you ladies out there better beware, as visitors are always at a risk (or more than welcome, depending on the person I guess). The price is cheap, but I would find a better place for a few extra forints -- hopefully getting a place where you are not scared when nature calls or where you can't kill a rat with your body odour (not once did I find paper in the toilets, so if you dare then pack your own).  ()
4  It's a good value for the money. The rooms very basic but clean. It's central and easily accessible by public transport.  ()

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