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Hostel Cosmos Amsterdam

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Vondelpark 8 minutes walk from our hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Unaccommodating; bad vibe Most unaccommodating hostel I've ever stayed in. No breakfast, somewhat unfriendly staff, no cancelation (even in advance), gross showers, won't print an eticket for you (you have to pay to use the computer and then to use the printer), hardly a lounging area to meet people or hang out. Not a very good vibe in the place. I was supposed to stay here for three nights and I left a day early. I hated it. Granted, apparently they warn you of these things on their website (no breakfast), but I didn't catch it before I got there. They do have a fairly good location and wifi works in the room, but that's pretty much all they have going for them. Wouldn't recommend this place to anybody.  , USA ()
3   Not bad, Not good Good -- The staff were pretty friendly, it was affordable, and pretty quiet at night. Bad -- The room was very hot and the windows didn't open, there was literally nothing complimentary there, not even hot water. You have to climb the sketchiest steepest stairs in the world to get into the hostel, and the common room was pretty lame. But it wasn't a terrible experience, but definitely nothing to brag about.  , age 20, U.S.A. ()
4   Friendly Staff, Good Location, Tight Space The staff here were the friendliest and most helpful I've encountered at any hostel. They took the time to help me find restaurants, ATMs, and pretty much anything I asked about. The location was great, just a quick walk from Central Station, close enough to a main road to feel relatively safe at night. The street was pretty quiet at night too. The bedroom was kind of tight, but clean -- I didn't spend much time there except for sleeping. There are no lockers under the beds, but there are small lockers for valuables (would fit things like an iPad, laptop, passport). The staff seemed to know who belonged in what room, so I felt ok about leaving my possessions of marginal value under the bed. The shower was nothing special, having hot water, and not on a timer, was really all I was looking for. The common room right by reception is quite small as well, you'll bang your shins on the coffee table trying to sit down on the couch, so I don't think there's much in the way of hanging out, but as a place to lay your head at night this place is great.  , age 31, USA ()
2   Hot and crowded hot, crowded, cramped and no amenities. Staff is very friendly and location couldn't be better, but the overall discomfort of the place isn't worth it.  , age 24, usa ()
5   Great location, Great staff, cute cat! This hostel is located very close to everything in Amsterdam (well, it's quite a small city anyway). The stairs that everyone is talking about are quite steep, but that is standard for an older home in Amsterdam. They're usually steep, narrow and winding. At least these ones are only steep and narrow! The staff were very helpful and the security was tight. The showers and washrooms are a bit small. Overall I enjoyed it. I'm going back to Amsterdam in 2 months and plan to stay here again.  , Canada ()
4   Basic and clean Stayed one night in a six-bed dorm in march 2009. Clean, basic, and small, the room had a sink, mirror, and TV and was well heated. Maybe too heated for my friend who slept near the heater (she couldn't touch it because it was too hot). Otherwise very nice with helpful staff, basic breakfast in a very small room (but what do you expect, it's Amsterdam!). The reception room, breakfast room, and computer room were one and the same. The toilet on our floor was the tiniest one I've ever seen and I didn't use the showers so I don't know about them. There were lockers on our room and you could rent a key. Haven't been bitten by any bedbugs when I stayed there. Must have been eaten by Simba the cat.  , Romania ()
5   Most friendly hostel in Amsterdam Really friendly hostel. Best welcome I've had from a hostel. The guys working there especially Yazine was great and made us feel really welcome. yazine was knowledgeable and informative. I'd stay here again.  , Italia ()
3   Glad to have stayed! My train arrived at 11 p.m. on a July evening. I've tried three other hostels and they were all full. Then I tried Cosmos and they got one bed left in a six-bed dorm so I gladly took it. The staff was really friendly and helpful. The room is quite basic. It does have a basin so that's good. I didn't count but there doesn't seem like many bathrooms and showers, so I imagine there could be times when one has to wait. Since I got up early the next morning (to catch a flight), I didn't have to wait to use the shower. I had to leave before 8 a.m., so I didn't get to try breakfast. The staircase leading up to the reception area and my room is very narrow, which makes it a little though if you have a bigger size luggage (the staff did offer to help to take it to my room). Overall, I'm glad they had that one bed for me that night!  , USA ()

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