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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good experience I spent three days in May 2014 in Elf Hostel. The place is clean and organized. Nothing extraordinary, but all you could expect from a Hostel -- comfortable bed and wifi available. The location is not the best. Although is not far way from the center, a closer place would have worked better for me. But the price was good. I recommend the place!  , age 37, Brazil ()
3   Hit and miss. Too many drunk idiots screaming and yelling at night ruined it for me. Also, though most of the staff were nice there were a few that were downright hostile -- I saw a guest almost cry when someone was giving her hell. One of the cleaning staff had a habit of shoving my gf. Breakfast is basic -- cheap bread, coldcuts, jam. It's not all bad. The building itself is cool, has a bit of character and is only a half hour walk to the old town. Bottom line, I think they make more money off drunken louts than people who just want a place to chill and get some sleep at night.  , Canada ()
5   Such a fun place! Everything you could ask for, at a great price! Well located, nice outside patio, great living room areas, fantastic breakfast(!), individual bathrooms, kitchen corners, free internet -- everything was there! Staff were always super friendly, even if the hostel was very full at the time of our visit. Simply put, its a super nice hostel. I would choose it again.  , Canada ()
1   Cramped with rude staff I stayed here for three nights and was delighted to leave. The staff were very rude without exception, and the rooms were far too cramped with too many beds and no space to even get changed. The seating area by reception is also cramped and uncomfortable. There are lots of other hostels in Prague, so don't bother with this one.  , Ireland ()
3   Great if you like to be stoned most of the time Finding this hostel was a challenge. We wandered around until 1:30 in the morning before we located it. We stayed here for four nights and left with assorted bedbug bites. Our dorm room was not very clean and several of the hostelers were even less clean. The dirtiest hair I have seen in a long time. The location was good -- bus #133 to downtown area stopped right in front of the hostel although beware of pickpockets on this particular bus. The hostel had a small kitchen area which had old, out of date food left behind that should have been tossed long ago. Having free internet was a definite plus. Overall, avoid this hostel if possible.  , Canada ()
5   Friendly, colourful, clean, great value, great meeting point Elf is a really cheery, colourful, clean, and friendly place that's well run and good value. We stayed in a double room (without facilities) for four nights in Oct '07. They gave us a four-bed room for the first two nights for the two of us, but that wasn't a problem at all. The corridors and public areas have lots of colours and graffiti, the common area is always buzzing but not raucous. Its a great place to meet people from all over the world -- that was very evident even though two of us were not really looking for that so much. The breakfast was really good -- sandwiches (with and without meat) and some really nice sugar/chocolate buns that come in fresh first thing in the morning (they entered with us at 6.30 a.m. the day we arrived). To say it's in Praha 3 and hence out of the way would be ding it a disservice. If you want to stay in the centre of all the attractions, then this is not the place, but its location really is quite convenient. Its about a five-minute walk from Florenc Bust Station, ten minutes walk from Prague's main train station (HLN), and there's a bus right outside the door (#133) that takes you to the Starometska stop, which is pretty much much smack bang in the centre. There's a train line right next door, and sometimes boisterous beer drinkers at night. The latter hardly bothered us actually. the trains rumble by quite often and might be a problem for a light sleeper. After all the walking we were doing in the day, I never once heard a thing -- slept like a baby!  ()
4   Very professional The hostel is cleaned every morning (with noise). The breakfast is good (sandwiches and patisseries but not the weekends). The garden is open 'till midnight and you can buy beers 'till this hour. The best thing is that you can meet people from many countries. But sometimes there's so many people that is difficult to speak with someone. It's great if you want meet people who go in disco.  , france ()
4  I stayed here for four nights in March 2007. It was a nice experience, the staff were kind, the room clean enough. We used common showers and them were clean too, the water warm. There are three PCs with free internet access, the breakfast is free (milk or tea, but avoid coffee, listen to an Italian!) and you have to wash your cup after use. There are two little kitchens available for all users. It is located not so near to the city center (it's Praha 3) but there is a bus stop in front of the hostel and the bus can carry you to the central Starometska stop. Avoid roaming in the night alone.  , Italy ()

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