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The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel is in the perfect location for young travelers, party-goers, and people who are planning on walking everywhere.

The Location

It's very close to the Red Light District, and train station. The Flying Pig is right in the center of the city, and is located on a shopping strip.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The bedrooms come with large lockers, which is very helpful when it comes to protecting your valuables. There is also excellent security that will make all guests feel safe. The rooms are clean and spacious; some rooms seem a little less clean than others, but it's nothing a little TLC couldn't fix. If you have a concern, the staff are very nice and will do whatever it takes to make your stay more enjoyable. The beds are very comfortable. Many of the rooms come with their own bathrooms inside. The bathrooms are sometimes a little grungy, but are cleaned immediately if you bring it up to a staff member.

Common Spaces

The common area is undoubtedly the best part. It is a large, spacious room with a bar, pool tables, and a big "pillow" area beside a large window where you can sit with friends and just hang out (no shoes allowed!). There room allows smoking, but don't worry, there is a large air filter that keeps the room almost smoke free! This is an awesome place to just hang out with friends and meet new people. If you like a good party, The Flying Pig is definitely the place for you -- there is always a great party waiting to happen here. Although, if you are not a partier, you may want to look for a different place to stay, as the guests can get a little loud. There is also a common kitchen, which is great for making your own meals. In the mornings, there is a free breakfast served. Another great perk of this hostel -- you can rent laptops for a small fee!


All in all, The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel is an excellent place for young party-goers to stay. If you are looking for a real Amsterdam experience, this is it. The wonderful staff will do anything to make your stay pleasant, the security makes you feel safe, and the chill atmosphere makes you feel at peace at all times. Visit this highly recommended hostel!

by Maya
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
March 2014
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Awesome hostel in an awesome city! Very good security. Excellent facilities for showering, sleeping, drinking, and smoking. Friendly staff! I locked my key for my lock in the locker (dumb I know) and they were quick to assist me even late on a Friday night. Overall amazing experience, would return again!  , age 23, Canada ()
4   Only for people who party I found it to be very clean and welcoming, as were the staff. Thankfully, my group likes to party and there were no shortage of those in or around the hostel, but if you're not the party type, you may want to look elsewhere.  ()
4   A fun hostel I perhaps didn't get the full effect of this hostel because I didn't stay up late and party, but it was nice. Our room was nice and had a bathroom inside. It only seemed to have wifi in the lobby. The location is perfect.  , age 22, USA ()
5   Amazing You can understand why this hostel is famous. It has a great location, about 10 minutes from Amsterdam central train station, 5 from the red light district and a great bar/smoking area/lounge room for smoking/drinking whatever you want or even just relaxing. Big lockers available in some rooms which can fit 2 ruck sacks and 2 backpacks easily, whilst in other usually smaller rooms, only small lockers are available. The en-suite shower wasn't excellent in terms of maintaining its temperature, however the general shower area for the whole hostel is well above average in the netherlands. The staff are some of the friendliest i've met whilst traveling and can often be seen staying on for drinks and chatting with guests after their shift is over. Very interesting guests, come here if you want to both party and meet new people as well as relax.  , Ireland ()
5   Fun youth hostel to party in!! This hostel was so much fun! They had a smoking room that didn't allow tobacco, they are cleaned and worked by friendly, fun young people in their 20's and had free wifi in the lobby, free breakfast, laptops you can rent for a small fee, clean and comfy beds and showers but it's definitely not somewhere you'd stay if you just want a good rest. Be prepared to stay up late and party and im sure if you go to amsterdam you'd want that anyways! This place lives up to the hype it gets!  , USA ()
3   Mixed feelings I definitely have mixed feelings about this place. It was in a great location, close to everything you might want to do, and it was very safe (someone in our room tried to sneak his girlfriend in for free, but was caught because security is pretty good there), but the hostel definitely needs a good cleaning. I was in a shared "queen-sized" bed that looked pretty old and grungy compared with the new single beds the rest of the dorm was comprised of. It was also unfortunate that my boyfriend and I were given incredibly small, old lockers while everyone in a single got huge lockers under their beds. Consider this when choosing your bed situation! Breakfast was pretty good compared with other hostels we've stayed at, but everything smells like pot, so it might not taste as good as it would in other places. The lobby was full of people sitting on bean bags smoking, but that was a lot of fun to participate in, and watch, and it is Amsterdam, so anyone expecting the place to be pot free is being ridiculous. The internet was free, too, so that's a definite plus. This is a fun, social hostel, but I think I would stay somewhere else before this one again.  , USA ()
4   Excellent Yes, it is true the bathrooms and rooms are not as clean as other hostels, but the staff are incredibly helpful, and the people staying there can all become your friends in like a minute. The breakfast was good, it was not as noisy as you might expect, the beds were comfy, security was tight, and it is greatly located, right in the heart of amsterdam in one of the main shopping streets. I will come back because it is part of the amsterdam experience, when i am forty, i'll go to a hotel, but for youngsters it is amazing!  , Chile ()
4   One of my favourites between my two EuroTrips I had a really fun time there. The lobby is really bumping -- pool table, bar, sometimes DJ at nights, decent music all the time, and an incredible cushioned area where people chill out, blaze, read. No shoes allowed! This made it pretty easy to strike up a conversation and relax. I really enjoyed the vibe and feel of the place. It also has a basement with couches and an elevator for upper floors. Beware though -- if you don't like pot, the lobby is not the place for you. As far as rooms -- I stayed in a six-person. Four of those people were couples sleeping on two queen sized couple beds. Bathroom en-suite. Was a bit grungy but generally clean -- did not feel "gross." Maybe a bit overpriced -- 30ish Euros (or something like that - not exactly sure) for six-person? But this is Amsterdam, so relative to other places, the price is the same. Bit the bullet in this town with accommodation, and book early! Fills up way in advance. Location is good (be careful -- busy!) but security is great considering location. Need to enter via code and need keycard to enter. My buddy didn't like the Pig as much as me -- he'd probably give it a two and a half or three star, but he didn't hate it. As for me, it was definitely one of my favourites, and I have traveled the past two summers. I loved it!  , Canada ()

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