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Neptune's Hostel has an amazing location -- just a few minutes walk from the bus station, and even closer to Killarney National Park! It is also in a major commercial area, full of great Irish pubs with live music every night. There are also many resteraunts and supermarkets on the block. Next door to the hostel is a bicycle rental shop, which is highly recommended for exploring the park.

Inside the hostel, the reception desk is clean and friendly. There is free internet in the reception room, but the system restarts itself every six minutes.

The dorm rooms have up to eight beds in a room. The rooms are roomy and clean. The hallway bathrooms, which are shared by all rooms on the floor, are unfortunately not as clean or large.

There are two recreation rooms, and they feature books, board games, a television, and videos for rental. There is a nice kitchen for guest use, with plenty of cookware and lots of seating. Sadly, they do not provide a free breakfast, but one is available for purchase.
by Dave Friedman Staff Reviewer
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New Street, Killarney (Cill Airne), County Kerry, Ireland
52.059290, -9.510791 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+353 64 35255
+353 64 36399
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excellent place to stay, it is in a great location, staff were lovely, bathrooms were always clean! the only problem was people banging the doors when goin into their room but other than that, it was an excellent experience!!!
Age 26, irish
Noisy. No supervision.
Paid up front for two nights. Only stayed one. Hardly any sleep first night for noise in corridor. People shouting and banging doors until 4am. Started again at 7am. Could hear people talking in next room. Managed to get my money back for second night and ran away. Will never go back again.
Tidy, nice premises. Not for peace-lovers, all night party going on.
Rooms were tidy and nice but chilly in November, good prices. Nice place for party-loving youngsters (or wannabe-youngsters). Music choice was horrible and it was playing loud until late night. Not for sober peace-lovers though central location and low prices compensate a bit. Night staff were a bit arrogant.
Dirty, rude, noisy
Was here for one night, and ran away, It's quite expensive, but does not offer value for money. It's too large, so not cosy. It's noisy, and the rooms are incredibly filthy, the toilet hadnt been cleaned for ages, the only toilet in Ireland I had to clean in a hostel before I dared sitting on it. Shower was falling apart. Staff were very rude.
Good hostel at convenient location
Neptunes is a comfortable place for a short stay. The staff were pretty friendly and helpful. The twin rooms had good security though they were pretty noisy during the night. The hostel could publish more prominently that it organizes day-tours of Ring of Kerry and Dingle.
Aruna Shriram
  Man, I love this place. The staff are lovely and it's really nice in general. It was also the first hostel I stayed in and I'll definitely be back!!! If you're coming to Killarney, then stay here.
Anne Marie
  This is probably the best hostel in Killarney. I stayed in a three-person private room. The room was very small and cramped, but the bathroom more than made up for it. The shower was great, as the water pressure and temperature were perfect. It didn't really matter much that the room was small because you will only be there to sleep anyway. This hostel has a friendly and helpful staff. There is one computer in the lounge where you can access the Internet, but you have to wait your turn. I don't think there is a curfew, since I was hanging around the lobby at 4 a.m. and bought Pringles from the desk guy to satisfy my drunken munchies. This hostel's location in right in the center of the town so it is a very short walk to the grand hotel, which is the hot spot of the Killarney's nightlife at the moment. They have traditional music until 11 p.m. then they bring in a live band and open up the back room, which has a nice big dance floor. Stay at Neptune's. Peace out.
Francis Chua
  Small cramped rooms. Don't forget your key when you use the shower down the hall because the door locks behind you, but then again, it has great security. I thought it was a nice hostel and I had a good time but found it very difficult to meet other travelers. I'd stay here again. However Killarney itself should be skipped.

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