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Un Destino No Turístico Eco Hostel & Camping

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We are a not tourist-like destination because we understand tourism like a cross-cultural experience, equal to equal, not simply a trade relationship.

In 16 hectares land you can CAMPING and feel wood sounds, or take a picture of a woodpecker or a pheasant, or pick calafate berries or learn about solar power.

On foot or horse-riding, you can hike to glaciers, Campo de Hielo Norte or Bahía Exploradores or rafting in Baker river…

Spending some days in this truly off-the-beaten track place, it is maybe a chance not just of being bowled over by the beauty of the mountains, rivers and glaciers, but also of sharing time with villagers and getting to know daily life in the countryside: making bread, the orchards work, care of the animals, picking up firewood at the forest…

Or even it could be somewhere to learn about organic agriculture, sun-cooking or bio-building.


You can skip away from your tent or bunk-bed and explore the 16 hectares land and birdwatching, or appreciate the scenery or build with straw bales, learn about Permaculture, or plan to trekking to Campo de Hielo Norte, or make hand-made soap, cycle around the town…all is possible at this Destino No Turístico and above all, the best thing: go for a walk and mingle with villagers.

In this little spot of Patagonia we try to live in a sustainable and responsible way, trying to cause lowest environmental impact, and encouraging visitors too. We apply knowledge based on Permaculture and Ecology.


This brand-new hostel has capacity for only 10 guests. There are two bunk-rooms, for 4 and 6 people each. Kitchen-dining room available for campers and guests.

The hostel was an old stable which we restored it because belonged to a pioneer´s family of Puerto Guadal.

-ECO-KITCHEN: For saving energy and learning, you can use our Parabolic Sun Cooker and the haybox. For keeping your food fresh, you will use an eco-fridge.

-ECO-TOILETS: We don't use flush toilets, but composting toilets: it is a system for the treatment of human excrement capable of transforming them into a nutrient rich and innocuous compost for soil.
We collect grey water for orchards irrigation and we are working on a solar showers system.


-TENT FOR RENT: If you feel like camping and didn't bring your tent, we rent it with mattress and linen. Max. 2 people.

-CYCLE-TRANSFER: For going to town (1.5 km) we lend you a bike.

-FAIR TRADE SHOP: There is a little on-site shop where you will find basic necessities, samples of local craftsmanship and vegetables from our orchards.

-CYCLE DISCOUNT: 10% discount if you are travelling by bike.

-GREEN TAX: If you come by car, you will pay 10% more. With takings we buy 2nd hand bikes which we lend them to you for free for going to town.

-TV, CELL COVERAGE, Wi-Fi: Luckily, on 47º South latitude, these services are not available.

-AGRO-FITNESS: The best way for keeping fit is clear paths, chop musk rose, keep streams…

-NIGHT LIFE: Go out to the rocks observatory to contemplate the stars while you listen to the owls.

-BIKE WORKSHOP: We have some basic tools for cyclist travellers.

-AUDIOVISUAL LIBRARY: We have some books about Permaculture, organic agriculture, straw bale building, renewable energies…and some interesting Latinoamerican documentaries too.

-TRAVEL GUIDES: Lonely Planet, Roughguide, Footprint…we are not in any travel guide book , so you are lucky to find us.
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