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Hostel One Sants

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Hostelz.com's Review
Hostel One Sants is an energetic and welcoming place to stay in Barcelona.

The Location

It's located a short walk from the Badal metro stop in a rather nondescript building. Surrounding the hostel are a number of shops, restaurants, tapas bars, and grocery stores, making it easy to grab food when you're starving at 6 p.m. and dinner isn't for another three hours. There are a few bus stops nearby that can take you down to the beach as well as plaças (plazas) where you can enjoy a drink and people watch.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The building is locked via an electronic code and each room is under lock and key. The rooms are a bit snug, but do have lockers for each person inside. There are a range of room choices from twin privates to eight-bed mixed dorms. The more beds in a room, the less space there is. Bathrooms in One Sants are clean and numerous. Each floor has a separate bathroom and shower and there are extras on the lower floors in case all others are occupied. The showers have hooks for towels, a small area to place any toiletries, a sink, and a mirror.

Common Spaces

One Sants has three common areas -- the lobby, the kitchen, and the terrace. The lobby has books for exchange and is an excellent place to use the Wi-Fi and greet those who come through the door. The kitchen is very modern, has lots of table space, and a television. Every night at 9 p.m., the hostel hosts a free dinner here. It's an excellent time to catch up with fellow travelers and exchange ideas on what are the best places to see and things to do in the city. The terrace, which is on the roof of the building, provides a cool view of the city with knickknacks that add character. There is also a small balcony overlooking the lobby that has computers for free internet use.


Hostel One Sants is arguably one of the best hostels out there, with free dinner, a cheap (but filling) breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a rooftop terrace. The atmosphere is friendly with a bit of party mixed in. You're bound to meet other friendly backpackers and receive any help you need from the staff that prides themselves on being enthusiastic. If you're heading to Barcelona and looking for an upbeat place to stay, Hostel One Sants is it.

by Rebecca C.
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
July 2013
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Comfortable with friendly staff Beds were clean and comfortable, staff was really friendly & helpful, wi-fi was great; only downside was the number of toilets & showers.  , age 23, Canada ()
5   It was absolutely fantastic. Accommodating and very social We enjoyed our stay at the hostel one very much! The staff was extremely kind and knowledgable. The social enviroment was fantastic, you feel like family when you're there. Very clean and comfortable. Can't complain about a single thing. We loved our stay!  , age 18, USA ()
5  Funny, friendly and hospitable! The warmest wishes & hugs to Linda, Iris and all the stuff!!!  , age 35, Russia ()
5   Easy to get to, nice facilities, and a free meal Great location that is in a safe feeling area with a Lidl around the corner. Great staff, who cook a great dinner for free, and the wifi is strong enough to watch netflix on. all in all it was a great place to stay. i wish all hostels were this good.  , age 21, America ()
5   Fantastic Great experience, the free dinner was great and the staff were excellent -- especially Alina (partygirl), who made sure we raged every night! Would 100% recommend.  , age 21, Australian ()
5   Wonderful Yes, they do actually feed you a wonderful dinner, but the staff themselves really make the extra effort to make you feel welcome. This is not a hostel where travelers stare at each other warily -- everyone becomes friends! The rooms and bathrooms themselves are clean and in good condition.  , USA ()
5   Great time For anyone wanting a fun, dynamic party experience in a more intimate environment, come to this hostel! The staff are so helpful and have made this a great stay for me. Thank you for the lovely home-cooked dinners, mulled wine, and epic jam sessions.  , Australia ()
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