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Banana Bungalow West Hollywood

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The Location

The Fairfax District/Fairfax Village is an unbeatable location. The area has clubs, bookstores, shops and restaurants to discover, and all within walking distance of the hostel. Farmers Market/The Grove, CBS Network Studios, Melrose, Beverly and 3rd Street, the trendy shop filled streets. Whole Foods grocery store and a pharmacy are also within walking distance for cooking on your own of if you need personal items or prescriptions filled.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are adequate but on the small size for the 6 bunk beds placed in a room. Rooms differ as one had storage lockers, luggage racks and closet bars, no hangers are provided. Suitcases, backpacks, personal items are scattered haphazardly in, under and around beds in rooms for lack of adequate storage. For three bunk beds there were only 1-2 ladders for each bed set, that made for some difficult climbing in the wee hours. Some rooms are air conditioned but stuffy. There is an odd layout of the rooms. Rooms are connected by a middle door, so two rooms each with 6 beds share a common front door. This makes for a lot of traffic. Some rooms sit on the patio side where a sliding glass door can be used to come and go. Each room has a bathroom. Bathrooms were also adequate but didn't have any ventilation. The bathrooms are cleaned regularly but are in need of an overhaul. In some paint is peeling and they look worn down.

Common Spaces

Within the hostel there are several areas to pass the time, watch TV upstairs, check email on your laptop, or catch some rays on the two outdoor patios. The staff sometimes plans events for guests within the hostel. Other activities are posted on a message board in the reception area for sightseeing trips and shuttle excursions around town. The common areas serve a double duty use to lounging and dining at different times of the day. Often there is free food for dinner, there is always breakfast and use of the kitchen. Check the fridges first before you buy food, they were packed to capacity, and need a cleaning.
If you arrive with a car there is parking below the building just for guests, a bonus in LA.


The best part of staying here is meeting people. Socializing is easy in a relaxed fun environment. Sometimes it's a party house but it never gets out of hand. The security sees to that as it tries to get people off to bed sometime after midnight. This doesn't mean you have to go to bed, it just quiets the place down so everyone who wants to sleep can without noise.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
August 2008

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Well surprised! At the beginning, I was pretty worried in staying in a youth hostel but Banana Bungalow allows me to spend good times with all the activities they organise every night! Moreover, the place they're located is close to hollywood bd that is a very good point! The bedroom was clean and I have not been bitten by bedbugs so I guess it's ok. You can find more bathrooms in the corridors in case you are staying with ladies who spend more time in the bathroom than sleeping you know what I mean! If you have a small budget don't hesitate to stay in banana bungalow you will not regret at all!  , age 28, French ()
3   It depends what kind of room you get On the first night, I had a 6 person dorm and that was good. The next day when I went to pay, they said I didnt book in time and somebody else had the last bed in that room so I had to switch to a budget traveler dorm! That room had 16 people and it was terrible. There was no bathroom and the door would automatically lock every time you went out, so if you went to the toilet in the middle of the night you had to remember your key or hunt down the night security guy. There was no ventilation in the room when you turned off the light, because the overhead fan would only turn on when the light was on! There was somebody in the room with really smelly feet and they kept passing gas most of the night, so I did not sleep at all! The common areas are nice, but there is a have a ping pong table right in the middle of the main room! Every time you walk by you have to worry about getting hit with a stray ball. Even worse is when you are on the computer and a ball hits you on the head or if you are eating breakfast and the ball lands in your cereal! They have 2 televisions, but the one outside I dont think works, and the other one is all the way in the basement and it is very dark down there.  , English ()
5   Great Hostel, the best I have ever been to! The Hostel is really good. It is clean, staff is friendly, nice furniture, big kitchen, balconies in some rooms, parking garage, big common area with pool tables, flat screens etc. Breakfast is also included and even better: There was a free BBQ and free beer on Saturday evening! Location is also very central in West Hollywood and the area is safe. I would recommend this hostel to everyone!  , German ()
1   Bedbugs paradise I booked there for 4 nights, actually I stayed only 2 even when I payed for 4, awful experience. When I arrive I bought a padlock from the vending machine, the key didn't work, the gay at the front desk gave me an attitude look like, not my problem, get lost, bad start, then everything was dirty, but I can deal with that, but the worst part, was that it was infested by bedbugs. Staying there for only 2 nights was enough to get most of my body cover with bedbug bites, never again. Now I understand why all the mattresses were out in the open, this was like a year and half ago, not sure if it's still that bad. I had to pay for a hotel room one night and when i got back to the hostel to pick up my stuff on the last night my bed was taken, maybe that was not their fault, not sure but still not cool. If I could I would put 0 stars, do yourself a favor, don't stay there.  , Argentina ()
4   Definitely better than expected I was honestly worried for what I read about the bedbugs, but I was pleasantly surprised by the very clean and tidy private room I got. Roomy and comfy, it could accommodate four people (I was alone, though). Very nice common place that makes socializing easy, and quite friendly staff. The hostel parking was little but better than nothing. I would certainly recommend it.  , Italy ()
2   Bedbugs paradise This place could have been so great because the setup and location is great but i would not stay here again unless they did something about the huge bedbug problem here. I would have stayed here longer but in fact i had to switch hostels because i had bedbug bites that were more like welts all over my body. Tried switching rooms but same problem and in fact, there were four other guests that i talked to that had the same problem. We in fact squashed the blood out of one of the bedbugs the size of a small cockroach. And the staff doesn't really seem to think it's a big deal. One of the problems is their mattresses seem like they pulled it out of someone's dumpster. They are old!  , usa ()
4   Fun but BED BUGS!!! I had a great time here as its very social, however they have a serious bed bug problem and the staff don't care! Also some of the staff are horrible, especially the black security guard who is highly aggressive to people for no apparant reason. He is foul mouthed and brings the atmosphere of the hostel down.  , UK ()
5   Super wild! when i arrived at the airport i was pretty scared, i am a first timer traveling. i found banana bungalow from the information center. the hostel gave me a free ride from the airport to the hostel. they were very nice, patient, and so helpful. the tours that they have was excellent, i got to know the city within a day. and i enjoy the football match (soccer) they have outside the hostel. i've thought i am gonna be homesick, i feel like home again over here at the banana bungalow. i love the fact that they have free breakfast and free dinners.  , indonesia ()

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