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DingoBlue Bundaberg Backpackers

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Hostelz.com's Review
The Dingo Blue Backpackers is a working hostel. If you see this hostel for the first time you could think "oh no, I don't want to stay here," but after a while you would like it. The hostel is very simple, not so fancy like others in town -- but that is what makes the hostel so special.

The Location

Bundaberg is known as a harvest town, ideal for backpackers. The hostel is right in town centre, opposite from the train station. Internet cafes and everything else are in walking distance, as is an IGA supermarket -- bigger supermarkets are a bit further, but you can still walk to them.

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel has only two- to four-bed dorms -- perfect if someone has to get up early. The rooms have shelves, a fan, and rolling blinds. The mattresses are not amazing but ok. They have a girls and a boys toilet near the rooms and a bathrooms near the kitchen. The bathroom cleanliness is ok during the day, but when all the people come back from working in the field, it gets dirty. They provide soap and a hair dryer. They have four showers and two toilets in the bathrooms.

Common Spaces

This hostel has a huge kitchen with a walkable fridge. In the fridge there are cages that you can lock if you have a padlock. In the kitchen there are also boxes for food provided, which you can lock as well. The kitchen has two microwaves and two stoves with ovens. They provide crockery and cutlery -- but not enough because they get always stolen. There are a few pots, pans, and tea towels (you'd better have your own stuff). The cleanliness of the kitchen is all right because a cleaner comes every morning. There is also a TV in the kitchen and a separate TV room with a DVD player. Outside are some tables and benches and two hammocks -- very comfy. There are also washing machines.

The Dingo Blue Backpackers is a very social hostel, you meet friends very easily -- this is very good if you are alone. Drinking is only allowed at the weekend, but nobody is there in the afternoon so every day they drink goon wine and beers. But still the people are quiet.


The hostel can be quite dirty. The rubbish bins are overfilled and dirt from the workers' shoes is everywhere. The kitchen and bathrooms is cleaned by a cleaner but the rooms, corridor, and the TV room are not. After a few days, two backpackers worked there for free accommodation and after they cleaned, it was amazing -- nice and tidy -- and also the backpackers themselves got cleaner (they put their stuff away after they cooked). We stayed there three weeks and enjoyed it very much. The other guests are very nice and there is enough room to sit and play some games.

It's great if you just want to work and stay somewhere in small rooms and find some nice people the hostel. However, it is dirty and lacks enough cutlery and crockery.

by travelbibi
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
October 2008

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Great place to get your 2 WH Visa. I stumbled upon Dingo Blue's ad at Gumtree and it was one of the best moves I made while in Australia.In my opinion, Building condition is better than other backpackers. Staff are friendly and they work hard to keep the place clean. The rooms are 2-4 bed dorms. I stayed and worked for over 4 months, picking and planting Tomatoes, zucchini and Sweet Potatoes 6 days a week to save enough money for my 4 weeks trip around Australia.  , korean ()
4   Great Place I stayed at this hostel several times during my time in Oz. Management was always helpful and they're completely honest about work -- they'll tell the truth about what work is going over the phone so you don't waste time and money getting there. There was a great atmosphere in the hostel and I made lots of new friends. So it's a good combo of work and fun. It's not the flashiest hostel in Bundaberg but one of the friendliest. I'd definitely recommend it.  , Irish ()
5   Pretty Damn Good We stayed at Dingoblue from dec 11 - feb 11. It's pretty basic -- a real working hostel. We'd stayed in a few other hostels in bundaberg for the month before but they didnt provide any work. Dingo blue probably has the most work in bundaberg and they arrange your 2nd visa extension. We're heading back to dingo in April to start work again and most people we met there are still there.  , England ()
1   NEVER STAY HERE i arrived at dingo blues or dingo zoo as it should be called after speaking to the manager and been promised loads of work i arranged to be there at 11 at night and for sumbody to let me in well there was nobody to let me in and i had to sleep on a bug infested couch, the rooms were terrible and hadnt been cleaned in years and were full of bedbugs, the kitchens were even worse and so were the bathrooms, i worked all the first week and didnt get paid as the management said they lost my bank details and that i would just have to manage, i had 7 dollars in my pocket and got little sympathy of the managers, when it came to payday the following week i had been underpaid be nearly 300 dollars and was told i would just have to wait for it, luckily i booked a coach the same day and left without paying rent, there are some amazing people there but that is it and bundaberg in general is a hillbilly town. STAY AWAY.  , england ()
1   The worst hostel we have stayed on. We stayed there between 21 March 2010 and April 9 2010. It was not a good experience. There was hardly any toilet paper and NO soap on the bathrooms. The two bathrooms in the hallway was broken, and where not fixed! The place was dirty, and that is understandable when they only have one cleaning lady. The room we stayed in (Room 10) was infested with bedbugs, despite of being cleaned before we moved in. There was hardly any work, and the work we got was sh*t! Despite of all the bad things, there is a SUPER social atmosphere and the people there is awesome! But for 175$ a week, you don't get a lot. The kitchen has only 4 fire pits for between 20 and 80 people. And there are no kitchen stuff!!! So we would not recommend it to anyone!  , Denmark ()
1   Zero Maggots stoners and theifs, if you want to have all your food and belongings stolen, than stay here, if you like eating in a kitchen that would be cleaner in a 3rd world country than stay here. Its the worst most unmanaged place i have ever stayed in and to say that i paid 155 a week to stay there, or maybe we got trapped there, as we were gtd work and never got any, only for our acc bill to run up, but saying that, i have met life long friends there.  ()
4   One of the best places to stay in Bundy Dingo Blue is under new Management since October 2008 and they really turned this place around. This is a really nice place to stay. Had a lot of fun here and made some good friends and money. Good location within walking distance of CBD. There was a great atmosphere especially at night when everyone sat around outside. As with many hostels it can really depend on the people staying whether you like it or not. Loads of work in the right season. A courtesy bus takes the backpackers to and from work each day. All of the rooms are four-bed rooms. The kitchen is very big, well equipped, and comfortable for many people to cook at the same time. There is also more than enough storage space for food. Checkout time is flexible. Guests catching a late bus or train can stay at the hostel during the day at no extra cost. One of the best places to stay in Bundy especially if you are working to get the Second Working Holiday Visa.  , German ()
1   Hostel sucked but the people were cool! When I first arrived in this hostel I had to convince myself that I wasn't dead and this wasn't hell, but after the initial shock I appreciated Dingo Blue's because I convinced myself that if I could endure back breaking labour during the day and come back to a dirty, urine-stenched hostel at night I could cope with anything! Luckily I met a few really cool people so if I can take anything from that experience it has to be that, also just as the place was closing down the manager asked me to paint the hostel, including the boot room, which I did.  , English ()

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