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The Antique Hostel is one of a plethora of hostels located in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul - the area where most of the sights are, but be warned, also the area that gets a corresponding number of tourists and carpet salesmen. Fortunately this hostel is located in a quiet street and retains some of its charm, which most of the larger hostels have definitely lost.

The dorm rooms are located below the street level, and are nice and small, the largest sleeping six people. The rooms themselves are very functional, but they are clean and the beds are comfortable even if the bedding seems to be made for beds half the size.

Upstairs there is a very pleasant common room decorated with carpets and kilims, and an internet cafe. A small breakfast is included in the price. At the top of the stairs there is a small terrace with wonderful views over the sea of Marmara, a great spot for writing some postcards.

The atmosphere is cosy and friendly and conducive to meeting fellow travellers, and the owner is very helpful. This is certainly one of the better hostels to stay while exploring Istanbul.
by Brad Posselt Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Antique Hostel - Guest House" at Kutlugün Sokak 51.)


Kutlugün Sokak 51, Sultanahmet - Old City, Istanbul (İstanbul), Istanbul Province, Turkey
41.005661, 28.979846 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+90 212 6381637
+90 212 5183025
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One of the Best Hostel in Turkey
I am just back from Istanbul and i have had the pleasure and luck to choose and stay at Antique Hostel. honestly, i feel short of words to inform u guys that it was just exceptional staying in home like environment. I consider it even better than so many four and five star hotels as it just wasting of money because this hostel and its administration looks after u really like a VIP. It is located right in the heart of Istanbul in Sultan Ahmet Area surrounded by all famous tourist places around. i Wana write pages for this hostel, in short i would say guys just go once there u will consider yourself lucky. it is the cheapest among all also. I extend all appreciation for the management of Antique hostel for providing such an excellent facilities at very little expense.
Sajjad Butt
Excellent conditions, good location, clean rooms and bathrooms, friendly staff, this place has all the characteristics of a good hostel. I would go there again without any hesitation!
Good place
We loved staying here. The terrace is excellent for food and the views. Very helpful staff. Highly recommend for location as well.
  If you are on Antique Hostel page, that means that you are looking for something affordable but nice and cozy -- stop looking any further, this is the right place for you. Trust me, I searched all that is in this category, and by far this is the best offer. They have my recommendation, I am very satisfied with my weekend there.
Clean, well located, and great staff!
I traveled all around Asia and I therefore I stayed in many guesthouses and hostels. I was in a private room with its own toilet and shower. I really liked Antique Hostel for many reasons. The staff was very helpful even at midnight, and whatever the problem was. The location is perfect as it is in the middle of the old town and at 5-10 minutes walking distance from the main touristy places -- Aya Sofia, the blue mosque. It was clean. The terrace is very nice for breakfast and an evening drink!
Really Great
People are nice, the breakfast is actually more than acceptable, the rooms are clean. I planned to stay there for two nights only and finally stayed a all week! Definitely a great place to enjoy Istanbul and the stambouliotes!
Good hostel
I liked Antique, it is not like hostel -- like a family apartment. Volkan is playing guitar majestically, his Nirvana's "Rape me" mix was excellent. Cosy rooms, balcony with a beautiful view where i was siting and eating supper. I advice you this hostel.
Fine, if you don't like to sleep
PROS: staffed 24/7, Onur and AJ are excellent and helpful. Near to tram line, Blue Mosque, Aya Sofia, Topkapi Palace. Free internet, great views from rooftop. Room and bath were clean and good hot water-great water pressure as well. No bedbugs! Fresh sliced oranges and good rolls for breakfast, although in winter you freeze whilst eating due to the fact that the room is enclosed only in plastic and you feel the wind-and hear it whipping the plastic back and forth! I would not venture to try the eggs or cheese they serve-the cheese is runny and moist and the eggs are not hard-boiled or even poached properly, just runny and gooey. CONS: my room was just off the sitting area and Volkan decided to entertain guests here because the bar/internet/dining area is upstairs and enclosed only by plastic so in December it was very cold up there. So he was up until 2-3am every night flirting with the girls and laughing right outside my room. He made a show of saying SHH! which only made it more ridiculous-Unfortunately there are several rooms just off the sitting room-so I'm sure I was not the only one being kept awake. As for Volkan, he is way too talkative and thinks alot of himself, loud, boastful and tries very hard to be charming, which might only work for 20 year old girls on holiday for the first time! He is the only staff member I can say was VERY irritating, although he plays guitar and sings reasonably well in the eves at the bar, but even then, he doesn't know when it's time to quit. They seem to turn the heat off at night, despite my having my radiator turned on all the way-it only came on in the early morning, which I found out because they had my bed shoved right up against it (room was very narrow) and my foot got burnt when it rested against it-i was so paranoid of getting burnt again that I moved my bed out from the wall every evening so when morning (and heat) came I would not inadvertently toss and turn, subjecting my feet or legs to the scorching hot metal. Oddly enough, the window and curtains were just above the heater-how the curtains did not catch fire or at least melt is beyond me. There is TV in the rooms but I never watch TV during my travels-so why then was my TV on one day when I returned to my room? Nothing was missing so I did not ask staff. I'm not the 5 star type of person, so I am fairly laid-back and allow alot of things to slide, but for the price, this hostel is not worth it. There are just too many other places to stay in Istanbul equally as well-situated as this one.

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