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Abercorn House Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Good location and service We got an upgrade, so we have a private room with bathroom. The location of this hostel is near tube and bus station, and the room is clean and comfortable, the staff is nice and friendly. We love this hostel.  ()
4   Good value for money I stayed in a single. Great location. Close to tube and supermarkets. Quiet street. New furniture. It was coldish in the room. Wi-Fi is bad. Good value for money.  , Ukraine ()
1  I read the reviews, thought "ok!" kewl, and made my way there! Good lord! The place simply stinks! An offence to the nose and the common sense of any normal person. I was showed a room that was occupied by two bipeds, I have to asume they were human, the room had cockroaches running around, flys buzzing, food that had evolved into a civilization! No thanks, I cut and run. Some dubious looking people hanging around, perhaps if you are in a group of three and can grab a three-man room, then you are set, but I wouldnt go back there. Look for something else, its out there. For decent ladies, stay away!  ()
5  first of all we would like to thank the staff of abercorn house! from the day that we moved in there until we moved out,it was great! we would recommend this place to anyone. but you have to remember that any hostel is not going to a palace, you have to make it nice for yourself. if you a full of yourself then dont bother to go staying in any hostel, cause your not going to make it. ABERCORN HOUSE IS GREAT!  ()
5  Well, I just want to say this: I lived there for one month and a half, from September to the middle October of 2002, and I had the best time in all my life there, for sure. So I don't really know if the reason for that was that hostel or the reason was that time. I don't know and I don't care. I only know that was the best time of my life!!! I love London, I love autumn in London, I love 2002, I love Abercorn House ... and I love the real reason for all this.... Maria.  ()
4  I stayed there for a week while I was living in London. They are nice enough, and the place is clean. Don't expect to book before you arrive, but it's cheap and once you get a room you can stay as long as you like, so that's good. They staff are alright and it's a great base to get started over in London. So stop being so picky guys, just stay for a couple of nights. If you want classy go to a hotel. I give it the thumbs up.  ()
3  I have stayed here for several months, and it's a decent place, very conveniently located near to Hammersmith stations. The only big drawback is that the only common space is a large TV room where smoking is allowed — which I find quite repulsive. Most of the people staying here are long term residents, but there are also backpackers. The staff is ok, even too tolerant sometimes with troublemakers. If you want to sleep well at night (especially weekends) request a room in a wing, because the central part is quite noisy at night — but normally not during weekdays. Anyway I believe it's the most affordable hostel in London. Hope this helped.  ()
1  Shocking, dreadful!! They won't see me again.  ()

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