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Banana Bungalow San Diego

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Hostelz.com's Review
The first-ever Banana Bungalow correctly lives up to its reputation of a party hostel. If you're looking for quiet nights and spotless accommodations, you won't find it here! What you will find is a very social and friendly place.

The Banana Bungalow is in a great location on Pacific Beach, right on the boardwalk. The outdoor deck is basically on top of the sand and is a great location for socialising and drinking. Even during winter, the indoor and outdoor areas are happening places. The staff are generally very friendly and will happily hang out on the deck. Apart from the deck area, you'll find an indoor TV and internet room. Near the reception and kitchen area there is also a long bench for dining and/or watching the TV.

Dorm accommodations are pretty basic but comfortable for a beach location -- with an average of four beds per room. The shower areas are clean enough (if a little small) and never seem to be too busy. There are plenty of cheap lockers available and free parking out front. The free breakfast (toast) and coffee/tea is an added bonus. Internet access is also very cheap or free if you have your own laptop. The kitchen is well stocked and self-catering is easy with a 7-11 across the street.

There are always activities planned -- cheap trips to Mexico and drinking nights, to name a few. The Banana Bungalow is a great party hostel that attracts a young crowd. Common areas aren't designated as quiet areas until after 12 a.m., it can get pretty noisy. If you accept that and are willing to socialise, you'll have a great time.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
December 2006

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Had so much fun! I had an absolute blast at the Banana Bungalow! You can't beat the location -- right on the beach, with awesome nightlife just minutes away. I met so many great people, and the staff were very fun and friendly. If you're not too into the party scene, then this probably isn't the best place for you. It does tend to be quite noisy late at night. But if you're all for having a good time, then nothing beats the bungalow. It may seem slightly cliquey, since some people have been staying there for a long time, but don't be afraid to join in on the party -- everyone's extremely nice. The bathrooms leave something to be desired, and I'd recommend bringing your own sheets, but it wasn't too hard to deal with. Also, girls do tend to get better service. I had so much fun here, and I wish I could've stayed longer than a week. I'll definitely be going back at some point!  ()
2   Save yourself Look if you want to catch on fire or drown before you go swimming, the bungalow is the place for you. This place is filthy, despite the photos. The only reason people put up with this place is because it on the beach. The pictures and ratings are doctored. When you get there watch out for bugs of all sorts, men who want to get your women drunk and women who have already slept those men. Once upon a time a great place to have fun, now a awful mess. Get out while you're still uninfected and your clothes still washable. Please believe me, look for other hostels in this area -- there are others.  , Speechless ()
1   Surfer Bums and Marines. The place is really dirty, the people are quite rude and unfriendly (unless you happen to be a chick or a surfer). I didn't spend much time in the hostel at all. It's a nice location, but having come from San Francisco I expected a lot more friendly atmosphere. It is probably quite nice if you're a surfer and want to stay there during the summer. It is probably quite nice if you're a marine -- there are lots of military types staying there. But I wouldn't recommend it for other travelers.  , English ()
4   Party, Convenient, No Bathrooms This is an extremely fun place to stay if you wanna be right near the beach and hang around a young, drunk international crowd. The place is not that dirty by backpacker standards, and they keep the common facilities and the deck quite clean. The problem is the extreme shortage of bathrooms. Each dorm (twelve to sixteen beds) has one bathroom, which is the standard toilet/shower one-person-at-a-time room. The common room is the only other option but it's the same -- small room with one toilet and shower. This means I had to wait every time I had to pee, and especially since the shower in my room broke and wasn't fixed, I gave up on taking showers the last couple days I was there. They should at least add on a small mens/women's toilet area which would also free up the showers a little. The staff organizes a lot of fun, inexpensive activities and there are kegs at least twice a week. They are generally helpful and nice, especially since they are dealing with such a large crowd of party people and occasionally dodgy people. You really can't beat the location though -- right near all kinds of food options and bars with cheap happy hour specials, night clubs, twenty-four-hour taco shops, supermarket, haircut place, clothing stores. All easy walking distance. Nice kitchen too, with two refrigerators. The #30 bus picks up a couple blocks away and can take you downtown in about twenty-five minutes. For good sleep an eyeshade is recommended, and if you're near the deck try some earplugs too. Beds are fairly comfy. I'd go back.  , USA ()
3  I gave this 3 stars because to some people it could be 4 and to some people it could be 2/1. It is REALLY grubby. I mean, wow. But I loved the company at this place. It is for the young or the young at heart who don't mind a bit of mess. The place does have a wee bit of an attitude and the kitchen is minuscule but I still enjoyed my stay. Great location and there is a good party scene down a couple blocks with a few bars/clubs. Good times were had.  , New Zealand ()
1  The location of this hostel can't be beat, it's right on the beach. Sadly, that's really all Banana Bungalow has going for them. The staff was not very helpful or friendly, some I may venture to say were rude. I had to wait about forty minutes before I was able to check in, no apologies, I wasn't even offered anything to drink. I went to one of their "parties," which were unbelievably cliqueish, some of the previous comments put it best, if you don't fit in a certain way you get an attitude. Anyway, after ten minutes of listening to some arrogant law student from Ohio talk about himself and how he's such a genius for ten minutes I decided to leave the "party" so I'd be able to hold down my dinner. If you need to go to the bathroom you may as well go across the street to Burger King. The rooms are filthy as well. The sink nearly collapsed after I set my toothbrush on it. Bottom line -- if you're one of those people that never really graduated high school then Banana Bungalow is the place for you. But, if you enjoy hostel travel because you generally run into a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and intelligent, interesting, outgoing people, then Banana Bungalow will be a disappointment for you, as it was for me.  , United States ()
4  I gave the four-star rating because if you are twenty-something and don't mind late nights and sharing a room with piss heads this place is ideal. When i stayed here i was in my mid-twenties and even then i was over it, especially have to listen to some Austrian lounge lizard work the pants off a drunken Brazilian girl in the adjoining room. He succeeded and for four minutes i had to endure the sounds of which can only be found in the worst porn films. Unless you are under twenty-five or extremely tolerant i recommend leaving this one for the kids.  , Australia ()
4  i had a great time at the banana bungalow. Gets noisy but that what holidays are about. i was in the front room by the deck so sleep was pretty hard. the staff made me feel very welcome. i would love to come back in summer, but probably won't get there till next year. overall had fun meeting everyone and the staff were very friendly.  ()

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