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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Emerald Fields Hostel" at Via Guelfa 59, 50129.)


Via Guelfa 59, 50129, Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy
43.778397, 11.252734
antonio.field69@gmail.com, marcotrogu@gmail.com
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When we arrived, they upgraded us to a private room. We were excited but didn't realize till that night that it was infested with bedbugs. My bf woke up with bites all over his face, neck, arms. I had bites down both my arms. Initially we thought it was an allergic reaction to something. But we found tiny bugs crawling up the wall and on our bed and sheets. We spent the rest of the night hunting bed bugs placing them in a cup as evidence to show management. In the morning we checked the mattress and found a black patch of eggs on it. So disgusting. We requested a refund for the remainder of our stay which we did get. What a way to ruin our stay. Now we are covered in bites!! Had to disinfect all our clothes and bags- should have gotten compensation for that too. We are just happy that we got our refund. The guy in charge in the morning handled it well -- good on him. I hope they spray the place and change the mattress.
Clean, friendly, and lovely
Delicately decorated room, friendly staff, nice position, and inexpensive price. This is a hostel to die for!
Well i was employed at emerald fields by Marco. When i was approached to work, my job description and package included seven hundred a month, free food, free beer, free bed. Job was receptionist, six to eight hours a day. All lies! I received no free food, i always had to give Marco money. I received maybe free beer once. I had a free bed, yes, but it was infested with bed bugs. I worked more then my share and also had to clean! Oh and i had to clean Marco's house as well. That is where i was staying (Bedbugs galore). This was not part of my job description. Yes and the hostel is infested with bedbugs! Marco had bought some spray and everyday was spraying around the hostel. It was not working though. I told him that he needs to change all the mattresses and close the hostel for a couple of days to fumigate the place. He told me that he can't afford it! He was just too lazy. He spent all of his time sleeping at home. It felt like i was running the place. I was not getting paid enough to be having the responsibility he was giving me. That is bad business -- every customer including me was covered in bites! Two girls checked in and noticed bedbugs all over their beds. they came to me and checked out so i recommended them another place. Marco found out and he came home and gave me five minutes to pack my things and leave! I was in bed asleep it was after midnight. Yes he was going to punch me, he grabbed me and my backpack, and threw me down the stairs in the middle of the night. What a slimy pig. I say slimy because he tries to sleep with every female guest that checks in there. And he only will hire girls if he thinks that he may have a chance to sleep with them. He really is an animal. Seriously he threw me down the stairs and was going to punch me! But for me i am and was not scared of him. I just want everybody out there to know that this hostel is just a joke and Marco is a joke. Now in saying all this, keep in mind that emerald fields has two buildings. The other building is run by Antonio. He is lovely, he has a clean hostel and no bedbugs. So please by all means go to Antonios. But please stay away from Marco's! Be aware everyone of Marco from Sardenia!
  Was very pleased with the price and quality of the place. Antonio was very friendly and helpful with giving us tips on places to visit in Florence. Location is perfect especially given that everything in the city is within walking distance. Overall I had a great stay here. Would definitely recommend it.
  Amazing staff, Antonio was more than helpful and accommodated our every need. He even upgraded our room last second so we had more privacy. very quiet environment, not really a party hostel, but walking distance to everything imaginable downtown. Clean and hot showers. Highly recommended!

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