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Camelot Inn & Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Camelot Inn & Hostel offers very basic accommodations with the convenience of automated check-in. You will receive superior responsiveness from the manager via email. During our three-night stay, we only saw one cleaning staff person for a few minutes and one person who disappeared into an office (he might have been the day manager?), but there is no one at a desk to answer questions. Instead, there is a pile of local information inside private rooms (we assume that's true of every room) to give guests an overview of the outdoor attractions in the area, like skiing and hiking.

The Location

It's very conveniently close to a downtown rail line (with inexpensive fare) that leads directly to Temple Square, the heart of Salt Lake City's downtown area. The property is pretty close to the convention center and the major shopping center that was recently built.

The neighborhood seems mostly light industrial, with a nearby car dealership and similar businesses. There is a spacious parking lot (which was blocked off and under construction during our three-night stay) on the property, with new landscaping (a few small fruit trees). The canary-yellow and royal-blue paint scheme is clearly visible from a block away, which is convenient when you're new in town. It's not very close to any visible places to eat or buy groceries, so guests without rental cars may have to walk a lot, or have a city map in advance to know where to take the rail line.

Security seems excellent, with an often-changed combination code on exterior doors (the manager emailed us advance notification of changes). Keys to individual rooms are placed in lock boxes outside the bedroom doors, with simple instructions on how to get keys out. In fact, there are copies posted everywhere of the hostel rules (about keys, towels, check-out time, and everything else) in case guests forget! Security personnel are all off-site, which could be a risk if someone tries to break in.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Our very small but well-furnished private bedroom has newish paint and framed posters on the walls as well as a new-looking bunk bed with comfortable mattresses and full linens. Other private rooms we saw have similar decorations (one has black velvet paintings!) and furniture.

Our ground-floor private room has adequate-sized clothing rod, desk fan, and small TV on table. Also it has small window overlooking the street, with decent drapes to block out streetlights.

The hostel has four shared bathrooms, all of which are fairly big compared to typical hotel bathrooms. Bathrooms have locking doors, adequate light bulbs, a mirror and shelf above sink, and closing shower compartments. Bathrooms have modern American plumbing.

Common Spaces

The galley-style common kitchen is just inside main entrance; it has a fridge, decent counter space, a cooking surface, and a small bench to sit on. The hostel does not have a gathering room with space to sit to watch TV, but there is a small room at the back of the building with free internet terminals. Although we stayed during a holiday weekend, there were not many guests, and not much social interaction.


This is a great budget accommodation as an alternative to the pricey big chain hotels adjacent to Temple Square. This hostel is probably a good choice for skiers or hikers who want a central base in SLC from which to go play outdoors.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
by callipygiangirl
December 2011

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Horrible I wouldnt stay here again if you paid me. Rude owner, no staff. Cameras everywhere. No privacy.  , age 49, USA ()
5   Great Hostel! Stayed here one night at the end of a long trip and everything was wonderful and simple -- just what I needed! Great price and respectful guests too. Will recommend it to anyone coming to Salt Lake City!  , USA ()
5   Very secure! This was my first experience staying in a hostel and I was pleasantly surprised. The bed was comfortable and the young lady who helped me the first day, was super. I do wish some kind of device could be placed on the bottom side of the door to H5 as all the conversation in the kitchen came in when I was trying to sleep. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this hostel!  , age 71, USA ()
5   Awesome The room was good, meeting good people with no complaints.  , age 28, usa ()
5   Convenient and clean You never know what you'll find when you book a hostel, but this one was good. Easy connection from airport; Trax 900 South station just a half block away. Salt Lake City is worth the visit in the summer; weather is just right, if not a little toasty in the afternoons. Safe place all around too. Well-managed hostel. The check-in computer can be a little tricky though.  , age 48, USA ()
4   Convienient and comfortable It was a general comfortable for me staying in Camelot for one week. Specially it's really convenient if you decide to take the tram.  , age 35, China ()
5   Great place to Stay! It was great getting a couple of weeks to save for a place of my own. Camelot Inn was very clean, was also great only walking and waiting two minutes for a Trax Train. I would recommend this place for sure!  , USA ()
5   The best hostel I've ever stayed! Camelot Inn & Hostel is awesome! Although it looks a little bit weird from the website (I think it's because its color), after spending one night here, I felt this hostel is safe and comfortable! It is not only cheap but also located in a convenient area. I highly recommend those who want to find a cheap but high quality place to stay in the Salt Lake City, Camelot Inn & Hostel will be definitely your top choice!  , Taiwan ()
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