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We had a hard time searching for San Remo Hostel. It is very close to the train station though -- just a few streets down. We had a pretty sweet deal. They had no more dorms left, so we got to stay in a private room that had air conditioning (very useful because it was extremely hot in Athens).

The bathrooms are extremely small and have an open shower, as you can see in the picture. There aren't that many bathrooms either (three full bathrooms total). The staff is really helpful. Around the hostel, there isn't anything to do. There is a hotel next to the hostel that has some food and free internet (possibly for hotel customers but they don't know). There is free internet at the hostel also but there is just one computer. During our stay, there were so many people at the hostel that many people camped out on the roof.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at this hostel. The price is really good and there were a lot of cool people there.
by Karen Staff Reviewer
September 2006


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel San Remo" at 8 Nisyrou & T. Deligianni Street.)


8 Nisyrou & T. Deligianni Street, Athens (Athinai), Attica, Greece
37.988756, 23.720448 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+30 210 5233245
+30 210 8823113
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Could be better.
First I want to say, you're not going to find a cheaper hostel then the Hostel San Remo. When I travel, I travel cheap so I can spend my money on the city I'm visiting, not in hostel or hotel that I'll be out of 90% of my time there. I put my personal preferences on hold. With that I was not too impressed with this hostel and looked up others and "Hostel San Remo" is by far better deal in money. 5 to 8 euros to the others, also the other guest during my stay was worth staying more nights. The morning staff, receptionist was very nice and helpful. The night receptionist wasn't. "Hostel San Remo" is in the center of Athens minutes to the markets, and historical Greek ruins. The rooms are a little messy and the shared room beds are cramped together. And fair warning, the bathrooms (for American it's not what we have), well taking a shower there is work. You have to hold the shower head while you shower. Most American aren't use to that. That's on the first floor, the bathroom on the second floor was bad. I never used it and most of guest too. I did like the kitchen they have for us and I did cook Mexican Chicken soup for everyone. The hostel is a lot smaller then it looks but it's ok for the money it's worth two nights. My stay was in mid-Jan. '08
Scary hostel makes
When I checked into San Remo, I wasn't sure whether it was a hostel or a methadone clinic. There were 30 year old men, disheveled with blood shot eyes, walking aimlessly around. The receptionist was a 50 year old women who looked visibly irate and wore a layer of milky protein over her retina (early stage glaucoma?). But more importantly, she didn't speak a word of English. She got help from an idler nearby who had sunken eyes and a bony protrusion on his bald head. I asked them how to get to the bus station. After 10 minutes, and much pointing and arguing between the woman and the idler, I was none the wiser. In fact I was confused and a bit scared. When I asked for directions to San Remo at the train station, the conductor told me to be careful. I wasn't sure what he meant, but now I know. The area around Larrisa train station is the seedy part of town replete with drug addicts and prostitutes. Anyways, after 30 minutes in San Remo, I decided to find another hostel. I'm pretty glad I did.

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