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Miami Beach International Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Best location Location -- the best. Food -- bad (every day rice & chicken ... often it's cold). Security -- good. Parties -- good. Clean -- yes, but lady is so unrespectful ... she came in room to clean it when i took shoover and then she said if i can go out of the room because she wanted to clean it ... really???  , age 25, Slovenia ()
1   Don't pay up front Stayed on the 9th avenue part of the hostel. mouldy stained sheets. very very old and unkept (nothing like the photos on the website). left after one night and they refused to give a refund for remaining night. reception worker very unhelpful and rude.  , age 28, Australian ()
5   Loved it! As two young travelers, we were excited to have a good party experience in Miami and that is exactly what we got I'm this hostel! Although a rocky start to our week, we soon got through this with Fernando and Jeffs help who were both absolutely amazing and made us feel welcome in every way, such great guys! If you are in for a quiet one then dont stay here but god, what a holiday!!  , age 22, UK ()
5   Great Hostel Amazing hostel. 2 blocks from the beach, great crowd and very friendly staff. They organize day trips, night social parties and three free meals a week.  ()
5   The best choice We come together from various nations and interact very well, there is a wonderful atmosphere and feeling over there. We became very good friends, and made the most beautiful memories in my life.  , Taiwan ()
1   Poor I only stayed there one night. I booked a 6 bed dorm and ended up in a 7 bed dorm sleeping on a bad foldable bed! The guys at the reception were not friendly at all. So avoid!  , Belgium ()
1   WARNING: DONT TRUST THIS PLACE!!!! I order two nights in there and when i arrived the girl on the desk said they have no available place! She was really not nice and even didnt give me my money back!  , Israeli ()
1   BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR SECURITY! I'm having a serious problem with the MIAMI BEACH INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLERS HOSTEL. I bought a camera for US$1300 and I asked Amazon to ship it to the hostel's address. Everything has been agreed previously with the staff. The package had not only the hostel's address, but also my name and my arrival date. Amazon delivered the product as expected and I have the receipt of UPS with a hostel employee signature. Now the camera is missing and nobody can find it. Note that the entire package weighed 11.6 lbs, I mean, is not something easy to miss. Nobody did anything to help me find the camera, what makes me believe that they have something to do with a supposed stealing and mail violation, which is a federal crime under the US laws. Here is the detailed story: I talked to almost all employees who worked during my stay and none of them remembered anything about giving a 11 lbs package to any other guest. The girl who received the package (who signed the UPS receipt) was on vacation during the days when I was at the hostel and would come back to work only two days after my departure date. Her cellphone didn't work. The guys from the hostel called her but had no answer. They left voice messages on her cellphone but she did not call back. Until now (more than one month later) they didn't tell me if the girl came back or not. I asked the hostel staff to check out the surveillance videos, but they told me that only the owner could do it and show me the videos. Ok. The owner simply did not show up in the hostel during the days I was there, even being aware of what was going on and that I would leave his hostel in the following two days. If he didn't want to go there, it is fine, but he could have authorized somebody else to check the videos. However, again, he did nothing at all in order to solve the problem caused by his employees. When I was there they tried to keep me calm and also tried to make me believe that everything would be solved soon. They told me that the girl probably had placed the camera in a different room due to its size. Because of that I did not call the police. They also told me that the owner would go to the hostel on one of the days that I was there and I stayed at the hostel all this day, waiting for the owner. However he did not show up. Since I came back home, they take a long time to answer my mails and keep saying to me that they are not responsible for my package and that they receive many costumers' orders. I had to ask a friend of mine in Miami to report this federal crime and hire an attorney to request the reimburse of my material damages and the payment of the moral damages. Also, such hostel and its employee Ms. CAROLINE WAIVER will be sued due to the federal crime of mail interception and violation. GUYS PLANNING TO STAY THERE, BE HEAVILY CAREFUL WITH YOUR STUFF AT THIS HOSTEL. It's unsafe and you can not count on the staff. Be careful now, so you will not have troubles in the future.  , Brazil ()

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