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Orange Drive Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Nice location and nice living quality The location is pretty nice (just five mins from the theaters and one stop from universal studio) and the hostel it self is quite cozy. The only problem is that the kitchen is too small for people to cook at the same time. Besides this, everything is nice, i probably would stay here again if i come back to la and seeking for hostels.  , Taiwan ()
1   A creepy orphanage out of a horror movie I admire anyone who can close their eyes in this place because it is awful, the guy in the front desk is very strange in a terrible way, there is an old woman who pops out of nowhere from everywhere, the rooms are orphanage like rooms from a century ago, do not even stay here if you're desperate!  , Mexico ()
4   Great location, nice laid-back hostel. I really like this one. Pros: first of all the location. This has to be the best spot in Hollywood, right next to the Kodak theatre and right next to the metro stop and tourist information at Hollywood and Highland. Still, it's very quiet. It doesn't get any better than this, the perfect spot to discover Hollywood, and downtown LA. The building is a huge old mansion with a lot of atmosphere. Cheap parking available. Everything is clean so no complaints there either. The staff is nice and reception is manned till 1am. cons: no breakfast in the hostel, internet costs 5$ (one time fee). bottom line: not a party-hostel, and your social experience will very much depend on who's staying there at the time. Sometimes it's very social, sometimes its boring. It all depends. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see the area.  , Belgium ()
4   It was fine I was here four days. It's in a good location if you want to see hollywood but not the beaches. Staff was very nice. Didn't run into any mean old lady or rude staff. I guess the new management really did change staff. I'd recommend doing Hollywood at this hostel for two days then run off to a beach hostel. Good stuff -- Great building, nice big room. Very cozy. Nice location. Easy to get to. Close to the action of Hollywood. Right next to metro so it's easy to get to universal, convention center, little tokyo. Lots of buses nearby too. Easy to get to the studios by bus/etc if you want to do the TV audience thing. Bad stuff -- There wasn't much of a common area. There was a TV room but that was it. I believe there might have been a couch right near the private rooms but I don't want to bother anyone there. The front door key has to be changed. It opens the door by key, not by unlocking then turning/pushing a knob. They give you regular key copy for it which means it's a flimsy key from the hardware store. Very first time I used it, it broke in the lock. They replaced it but the next key was bending a lot after only two uses. I was so paranoid about it breaking again. I didn't want to look like I was irresponsible but it really was the keys, not me. I tried as hard as I could to turn the key as carefully as possible but you're talking a heavy duty lock opening with a flimsy key. All they have to do is make a small investment in some other locking mechanism, maybe a code lock or something. In fact, I would love to stay in this hostel again but because I know this front door is like this, I won't. I'm too scared I'll get locked out with nobody around to open the door.  , USA ()
5   Fabulously Unique! The location is Fantastic! Close to all that's important to see in Los Angeles. You can walk almost everywhere. The only things that are a forty-five-minute bus ride away is the Beaches, and Disneyland is far too, but there is a variety of transportation available to get you there. The staff are great! They are friendly and very helpful. The hostel is a old Mansion. It is bigger than it looks from the front of the house. It has a lovely garden in the front with a patio to hang out and socialize. Each room is unique, and cozy. It made me feel like I was at home. It's a quiet and relaxing experience. I would recommend this experience who wants to be where all the action is, and to anyone who likes unique antique type homes with a friendly and calm atmosphere.  , Portugal ()
1  terrible! Too expensive, owner is very greedy, makes you switch off the light in your room to save electricity. Also this hostel is as I am told without license, so this makes it an illegal place.  ()
4  Stayed here one night on 11/4/06. Excellent location, very quiet for those not into the party-type hostels. Had a private room that was very nice -- no ants. Shared bathroom/showers are very small but do the job. Kitchen was very small but didn't need to cook. If you use the shuttles on the Directions page get a price first. We used Best Way shuttle and were charged $20 per person instead of the listed $12.  ()
5  Stayed here June 7-11 2006, private single at USD55/night. Room conditions were wonderful. Place was clean, bed was comfortable, staff were really helpful, took trouble to help me find out how to get from place to place. No disturbances. Quiet neighbourhood. Location was truly unbeatable, in the heart of hollywood, within walking distance to the train station, and all the food outlets you can think of. Only thing was internet access was expensive, but that's the norm in LA.  ()

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