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Las Vegas Hostel

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Las Vegas Hostel is located on the Fremont Street, which is close to the former city center of Las Vegas. This area has been revived with the Fremont Street Experience (containing bars, food court, casino, clubs), which is definitely a must-see in Las Vegas.

The Location<

The current city center, which is called The Strip, is reachable from the Fremont Street Experience by buses that run twenty-four/seven to the strip. Also, the hostel is not far from there by cab; it obviously depends from where you start. It's easy findable by car and not too far away from the Greyhound station and airport.

Make sure that you contact the hostel upfront so they can organize a pick-up. They have a driver available. There is also parking available, which is on the same property and therefore accessible from the hostel and fenced for security.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms and bathrooms are very clean and the hostel is in general clean and also kept this way.
The building is not the newest, so some things -- like the floor and some carpets -- look used.

There are dorm rooms and also private rooms with queen-size beds available. These rooms give more the impression of a hotel than a hostel, since they have a fridge for drinks, towels, and shampoo available. The doors to the dorms and to the private rooms is to be opened with a key card.

Common Spaces

The center of the hostel is the pool and whirlpool area, with surrounding deck chairs, which invite you to sunbathe in the heat of the desert sun. Besides the sun-bathing, the hostel offers a pool table and air hockey in the common area next to the bar and kitchen. The kitchen is well equipped and invites guests to cook. There are big fridges available for storage. Also the surrounding area offers typical American food. The breakfast is included and there is there is free tea and coffee available.


In general, we can say that the atmosphere is very relaxed and we would describe it is a fun and party hostel where service and the interest of the guest are held high. The surrounding area offers drinks and food and it's not far to the nightlife and the strip. The Fremont Street Experience is part of the must-go places in Las Vegas and around the corner from the hostel. The hostel offers a range of activities -- we enjoyed the tour to clubs in a limo on the weekend and also the free BBQ. Also there are pub crawls and other activities scheduled. With the freebies and events, there is always entertainment and stuff to do.

by Martinthegerman
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
August 2014

Fremont Street Experience KitchenLook from the outside
Street outside hostel
PoolWhirlpool and deck chairs which are not only used during the day
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3   Comfortable i think this place is comfortable for me about journey. it is close to downtown and the price is suitable about place.  , age 25, Thai ()
1   DO NOT GO HERE! This is the worst hostel I have ever stayed in, in my entire life!! Aside from it being in the slums if LV (which is really out of the hostels control and doesn't really matter to me) It was terrible. I booked a private room which was described as "bright and clean" but in reality it was dim and dirty. There were cockroaches on the floor, random hairs everywhere, our T.V. did not work, and our refrigerator froze everything we put in it. We complained about these things on our first night and they were NEVER FIXED. On top of our room being bad, the pool is filthy and the hot tub isn't even hot it is just a mini-pool with green water in it. The staff here SUCKS! They are no help at all, don't bother complaining to them they will just call you liars and dismiss you. MONIKA the manager at the time was a total and complete jerk. I really have super low standards and this hostel couldn't even meet those. It was terrible I will never return here again.  , USA ()
1   Do not go here this place is an absolute disgrace and very scary. we couldn't even go to get milk in the morning without being attacked by bums. we had stayed at the sister hostel in san francisco and loved it, so thought this would be similar. nothing in common. everything is out of service, no guests there, a couple miles to the strip and very dangerous area. if you are girls traveling, avoid this hostel.  , norway ()
4   Great fun, even if it is in downtown! Traveling to Vegas by myself, I decided to be nontraditional and stay in a hostel -- and it was well worth it! The hostel is really nice with a pool and hot tub. Rooms are spacious and en-suite. The location is a little sketchy, in downtown Vegas, but there is good food next door and a 7/11 down the street for basic needs. If going to the strip, I suggest grabbing roommates and taking a taxi -- the Ace bus is RIDICULOUSLY slow. The hostel organized events are GREAT -- I did the limo club crawl and it was AMAZING!! I was there over Easter and they had an Easter egg hunt which was lots of fun. The hostel also helped me book a Grand Canyon Tour. The fact is -- if you're going to Vegas with friends, there are plenty of cheap hotels that you should really stay in. But if you're alone, and you want to make friends, I can't think of a better place to stay than this hostel. It's not perfect, but it's got charm.  , Canada ()
1   Waste of your money I booked this through a hotel booking website. They screw up reservation by reserving it for only 2 people (I had 4) & indicating price for juts 1 person. Price is per person not per room. Same approach used for hotel rooms don't work for hostels. So, if you really want to go here (which I don't recommend) book directly through their own website. If there are 2 or more people its better to stay in a hotel (even on Las Vegas Strip) for the same price. We ended up paying $100+ for 4 people per night. Wish I spend same money on a hotel in Strip. Most hotels have unfilled room that you can just walk-in (this was my 1st time, so I didn't realized before hand). Room was ok but not that good. Neither the bath room. Bed covers were not clean & too much of use. So many funny rules; no food, no tub use. Has a kitchen, but all utensils are useless. Too far away from all the fun. Spend your hard earned money on somewhere else.  , USA ()
1   Bad hood, strange rules, rude staff, avoid! I made a last minute trip to Vegas when I lived in San Diego and thought I'd try this place out. Made a reservation on their HIGHLY DECEPTIVE website. Well 1st of all it is in the most scuzzy, crack head infested, bum hood in most of LV. THEN THEY WOULDN'T ALLOW ME TO STAY BECAUSE I HAD NO PASSPORT ??? I'M USA CITIZEN AND CAN'T STAY AT STUPID USA HOSTEL?? They were of NO help where to go so I walked to a nearby dodgy looking casino and got blasted off their cheap booze and actually stayed there for 20 bucks. The next day I walked to another hotel and got a room for 2 more days just walking up for $24.99 a night. AVOID this rude dump and stay in a clean PRIVATE ROOM. Even if you're a group you can get two beds and fit 4 people in a room. And have your own bathroom and no hassles. Maybe it's OK with a large group but if your single and especially female stay away!  , USA ()
5   Great! everything about this hostel is great. The staff are friendly, it's secure, crowd is good, and the place is really clean! Also have a TV room, swimming pool, pool table. I would highly recommend this place for any travelers.  , Australian ()
2  This place is in an absolute sh*t of an area. i've stayed here three times spanning from '99 to '02. When i first went there it was a good, cheap place to stay where the owners ran the place, not belligerent, transient arseholes like the last time i stayed. I was told it was once a motel and as it had just opened, they offered us a few hours work a day for our accommodation. This work included assembling bunk beds and converting the once motel rooms into dorms. Part of that job was removing the existing fixtures such as the bed heads that were secured to the walls. Once we removed these, used condoms and syringes dropped to the floor, the mattresses were slashed to hide drugs. This is proof that the area it is situated in is bad. I saw crack dealers arrested everyday i was there, just look out your window. Two guests were mugged by the local oxygen thieves and on my third stay, the staff were nothing more than blow-ins that were insolent and carried sh*tty attitudes they had no right to have. I realise it has been a while since i was last there but it seems nothing has changed. Do yourselves a favour, get a couple of mates together and stay in a strip hotel.  , Australia ()

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