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66 Targot Street, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
-24.868568, 152.352616 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+61 (7) 4151-8186
+61 (7) 4151-3355
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Worst week ever!!!
I went here because the Harvest Hotline told me this is the only hostel with work at this moment. They make you check in for $190 (!) a week plus $50 deposit for key and cutlery. It's a rip off!! They say transport and internet is included. Well, if you're lucky you get 3 days work a week for a couple of hours and $2.90 a bucket of zuccinis! There are 2 computer of which one is not working and the keyboard from the other one is so dirty that half of the letters are not working. The kitchen is always a mess, there are no proper sponges or any tea towels to clean your stuff hygienically. The rooms and the carpet everywhere haven't been renovated in ages. I got put on the list for work on my check-out day, the days before we finished work at 8.30am so I thought it's fine. I got up at 5 and was waiting with the others to get picked up. I accidentally walked into the hostel with my work shoes to ask the manager if I could check out after work and he started screaming at me what I'm doing in here with my "f***ing work shoes" and that I need to get out immediately. I left shocked that he made such a big deal out of it. He came after me and started screaming at me again in front of all the others "What the f*** are you doing in there with your f***ing dirt shoes? Why are you doing this? I could piss on the floor instead it would be the same!" I couldn't say anything but I'm sorry and even that he threw back at me ... in the end he said there is a mistake that I'm on the working list because I need to check out –- no apologize, nothing! I never got screamed at me like that and it really upset me in this moment, but he's just a big, big asshole who makes a shitload of money with this sh*thole. There is NO point in paying that much money, you just loose it because you're not making enough money anyway. I don't understand why people stay there for month, probably just to get there 2nd visa, they really rip off all the poor backpackers. Don't be the same, try to find work anywhere else!!
Don't stay here
We were there during the flooding a few weeks ago (December 2010) and when we arrived we panicked and booked into the first hostel we saw which was this one -- ERROR. Not only were we required to pay $50 deposit each (usually around $10 across the east coast of australia) the owner gave us a room with NO WINDOW as we were staying there for only 2 nights (he caters more for workers, despite the word backpacker in the name). The room with filthy (it smelt of urine, had no fresh air or light as there was no window, the carpet was black with stains when it was supposed to be blue), the kitchen had too few pots/pans for the number of people there, there were also no clean towels to dry up after washing up. The owner refused a refund on the 2nd night when we wanted to move and everyone we met there disliked him and the place. The whole town also had a negative opinion on him. The hostel in the end got flooded by flood waters (he deserves this) but he left it until the very last minute to move people out (trying to make all the money he can at the risk of other peoples lives/personal property). DO NOT STAY HERE.
The owner is a real prick
Every bad thing you have read here is true, everything. I cant understand why The National Harvest Guide people give you his number for work in Bunderberg. There are so many other better places. Eugene ripped me off. I also dont know why that man has not been beaten by angry backpackers. all i can think is if Karma is real, he is in big trouble!!
Worst place ever
this hostel has to be the worst place ever. The owner Eugene lies about having work when really he just puts you on a standby list and pretends there is work. He is a pathetic racist wanker. They do not give you work as promised the rooms are filthy with no windows the kitchen is covered with roaches and the living room had a mouse please avoid this hole. It is absolute torture. Please please avoid horrible place with no work. DEPRESSING and Dirty.
Daniel S
Doesn't deserve the 1 star
its a filthy, smelly hellhole run by evil cocksucking pricks namely Eugene (the owner) and the night manager!the first thing that happened here was with a couple of dutch guys, they were friendly, nice guys and had got work through the hostel after 3 weeks on the waiting list. unfortunately after waiting for 3 weeks they had run out of money and were unable to pay rent until they were paid from the work, 2 days after there rent was due, it was obvious they weren't going anywhere but instead of waiting until they got paid eugene the owner took there passports and backpacks, called the police on them and said that if anyone talked to them they were getting kicked out with them! WTF??after that we were drinking in the park away from the hostel and were told that if we were seen in the park drinking like that again we were to be thrown out. i believe this is because eugene hates backpackers so much that the sight of us having fun made him furious! soon after that my friend was in the kitchen 20 mins after hours, and the night manager came out and lost it with him. as my friend was leaving he kicked the door (not hard) and the night manager threw him against the wall and held a fork to his neck shouting at him!!it was crazy!! i was kicked out the next day with him. dont go here if your life depended on it. i made less than 400 dollars during my 4 week stay here, 4 x 170 = 680, thats a loss of 300, it just aint worth it! there just exploiting backpackers as they know we need to do this kind of work in order to get 2nd year visas and they can get away with it. dont let them get away it, dont stay here!!!!!!
Worst hostel ever
This hostel is unbelievably gross. You pay $180 per week for a dorm room and of course you have to stay for a week if you want to be put one the waiting list for work. You can also go out in the middle of the night and sleep on blue chairs and then in the morning, when the workers leave and one does not show up, you get his place, which does not happen every night, of course. People really do that because they are desperate to find work. It is disgusting. There are bedbugs in the hostel and ants all over the place. Do not come here, you will regret it!!!! I am stuck here for another 5 nights. oh, they justify the room rates with the free internet! There are two computers and the internet is terribly slow. DO NOT COME HERE!!!!
Wanna try living in prison?
So for all the people who want to do fruit picking during their trip in Australia, never come to this hostel. No windows in rooms, the owner is so rude and his main goal is to make money by telling you yeah you'll get a job quickly. It's very easy to get kicked out from the hostel (at the end of the week if you try to store your luggage in the hostel for the day before taking the bus, he'll kicked you. Plus, it's very expensive for a backpacker 170 dollars, everything is f***ed, the kitchen is so disgusting, the rooms smells, only five shower and very dirty showers. The only positive point is -- you can meet great people there and they'll have the same opinion about the hostel. If you want to try a week in prison, try the bus stop backpackers it's worse than hell.
never again
One Star is too much. Every prison is better
This is not a Hostel! Its a new way to make money from Backpackers. If you call them they say, come around we have work. You arrive and find yourself on a standby list on place fifteen. Then go to your room and find a cube without windows, one shower, and toilet for over ninety people and a dirty kitchen. And its cost $170 to 180 a week, and if you get kicked (what is very easy) you dont get anything back. You don't get work here. So if you dont like someone send him to this hostel!

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