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Colors Budapest Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Colors Hostel is in the heart of Budapest. It is on a parallel street to the main Shopping Street "Vaci ut." This is also the main tourism area.

It's easy to find! If you come from the airport, take the bus No. 200 (take the Metro transfer ticket, that costs 300 frt. or about 1,30€) until end station "Köbanya Kispest." From there you take the blue metro line until Ferenciek Tere. You get out of the metro station into the left direction. If the Danube is in front of you, turn left until the crossroads. You see a café at the right corner and a "Kaveház" at the left side of "Iranyi ut." Now turn right into "Iranyi ut." until the next crossroads. In front of you there is a huge white building. You're in "Veres Palne" now. Now you have to turn left, maybe cross the street of Iranyi ut. On the right side of the street you could buy ice cream. It is the third building (No. 14) where you must ring the doorbell.

The hostel is so clean (except for the shower curtain, but that doesn't really matter) that you don't have to wear shoes. There are two bathrooms -- one for the guys and one for the ladies -- and two separate toilets. Each one can be locked from the inside. In the bathrooms you will find two showers, two basins, and a toilet that can be separately locked.

There is one six-bed-dorm and three eight-bed-dorms, so it is like a nice flat. We stayed in an eight-bed-dorm and slept in a wooden bunk from Ikea. You get linen and even towels. Everyone has differently colored linen. Unfortunately during our stay, we were the only two people in this room, so we felt a little bit alone. Everyone has his/her own locker in which to put a big suitcase. You get the keys for the locker, but you can't lock the door of your dorm. If there are some rooms that aren't full, you can even get a dorm for your own.

Breakfast is included and is served from 8 to 11 a.m. in the common area. This tastes really good! You get three different kinds of jam, cheese, sausage, muesli, cornflakes, milk, tea, sugar, and coffee. The only problem is if you get there later in the morning, the tea isn't that hot (as at 10 a.m. when we got up). The coffee and tea is free but you have to make it on your own.

Also in the common room, there are two wooden tables with eight chairs each, a kitchen, a balcony for the smokers, a computer with internet, and the twenty-four-hour reception.

You can pay in Euro. You have to check out at 10, but you can leave your bags there until you have to leave finally. The hostel is very friendly and nice (but we only slept there and got breakfast). But we find it a little bit boring.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2006

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4  I've been there in the first week of september 2006 and it was really nice staying there. It is extremely clean (except for the shower-curtains), safe (everybody has his/her own locker), comfortable, not that expensive if you look at the great breakfast (you get muesli, cornflakes, tea, coffee, milk, cheese, sausage, jam, fresh bread), and in the heart of the city, next to Vaci utca (shopping street, but full of tourism), Erszebet bridge (connection to the Buda Side). Disadvantages are the curtains in the rooms were not that dark -- you must get up early in the morning and the Street Veres Pálné is next to a loud street, so it's not that quiet as it's described. Personal disadvantage -- for four days we have been the only two persons in an eight-bed room. That was very boring. Above all, nice place to stay in Budapest beacause of the central location.  ()

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