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Overnativa Green Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Overnativa Green Hostel did not give a great first impression as there was no one at reception -- the owner/manager was busy showing guests to their room. This was completely made up for with the exception of one major incident.

The Location

The hostel is easy to find and is situated in a well lit but quiet part of town. It is in easy walking distance of the seafront, boats, and major amenities.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The public bathroom is situated next to the reception and is very clean and well maintained. Guests are allowed to use this after they check out. Dorms are in good condition as are the private rooms. Double private rooms are very large, have ensuite, air conditioning, a TV (playing only Brazilian television), towels, a fridge, and an extra bed. All rooms have great views of the wilderness. A lot of the rooms are external to the main building.

We returned to our room on the first night there to find three very large cockroaches on the walls, under the bed, and on the floor. This proved to be quite traumatic, especially after such a warm welcome. After inquiries with other guests, it seemed that the cockroaches only existed in our room. The premises are secure and are staffed through the night.

Common Spaces

The common spaces are a big plus for the hostel. There is a large, well maintained pool table that is free to use, as well as an ample dining area complemented with a large lounge complete with TV and musical instruments. It is very chilled out.

Breakfast is provided free with the room and self-catering is permitted from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (but very few people self-cater because the manager/owner provides hearty meals in the evening for a reasonable fee). The breakfast does not let you down. There is a big choice of cereals, bread, homemade jams, juices, cakes, ham, cheese, and hot drinks. Wi-Fi is available free, as is a desktop computer, but the connection is unbelievably slow. Drinks such as bottled water and beer can be purchased from the hostel too.


Overall, the hostel leaves a positive impression despite the cockroaches. The owner/manager is a very warm and helpful person. She lends out electrical adapters, books your boat for you, provides you with bus times, and might even make you popcorn for free. Aside from a couple of water leaks and the aforementioned cockroaches, this hostel is a lovely place to spend your time on the island. As a note, there is no ATM (cash machine) on the island, so bring cash. Outlets do accept cards.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
February 2011

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Extremely overpriced you can get way better private rooms for the same price. This hostel needs a renovation but the owners prefer making money ... extremely overpriced for what it is -- cheep beds, no tv, no wifi, extra charge for towels. For dorms it might be ok.  , age 34, switzerland ()
2   Unfriendly staff This hostel has two problems -- unfriendly staff and no hostel ambient at all. Rules are very restrictive (for example, only one guest can cook at the kitchen at the same time) so at the end nobody talks with other guests and the hostel seems more a shared-room hotel than a real hostel. The staff is very unfriendly until the point to prefer walk 10 minutes to ask the Tourist Info than they.  , age 25, Spain ()
4   Great Job Christina The owner, Christina, did an awesome job. she cooks dinner almost every night. for a cheap amount of money compared to the prices of going out to dinner. Also they have a pool table, 2 hammocks, and an outside shower. The a/c worked awesome and the beds were kept up well. I stayed in a private room and a 4 person dorm. i would highly recommend. Price was around 18 american per night.  , United States ()
3   Great common area, soggy rooms The owner is hard working and keeps the common area clean and breakfast is great. However, though I stayed during January (summer) the heat in my room at night kept everything very humid. The mattresses felt pretty soggy, and the water pressure was weak. But, the location and overall vibe was great.  , Canada ()

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