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Hotel & Hostel Pastoral is really more of a hotel than a hostel. The staff/owners are wonderful -- very pleasant and extremely helpful (a nice change from the usual transient staff at most youth hostels).

The hotel is easy to find, located a short walk from the train station. It's not the nicest area of town, but a convenient location for arrival to and departure from Nice. It is right near the main street and within easy walking distance of pretty much everything you need -- shops, restaurants, and, most importantly, the beach! Tourist maps are provided by the hostel, as well as free beach towels and mats.

This small hostel, occupying one floor of the building, looks a little grungy and rundown, but the hotel-style double rooms are clean, include all linen, as well as a wash basin, fridge, and microwave. However the furnishings and linen are looking at bit worn, and our window wouldn't lock. Bathrooms are located just down the hall and are also well-maintained.

Security is reasonable. Everyone entering has to be buzzed in through the front door and pass by reception so staff can see who is coming and going. Guests are provided with a code for the front door, so there is no curfew at night.

Hotel Pastoral is very much budget accommodation. While everyone we saw there was young and friendly, there is no common area, kitchen, or breakfast provided, so this is not the place to go if you are looking to meet fellow travelers or hang around during the day. It is really just a basic place to spent the night. But it is clean, comfortable, and the welcoming staff make it a pleasant option for a short stay in Nice.
by Miranda Mercer Staff Reviewer
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27 rue Assalit, Nice, French Riviera, France
43.705360, 7.265890 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0)4 93 85 17 22
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Great Place to Stay!
Very nice staff and extremely close to the train station. Loved staying here. I would really recommend going on the affiliated pub crawl though. Kind of overpriced for what you get.
Age 22, US
It's very close to the Nice Ville Station. Clean and spacious Room. Staff and reception is also kind and nice. But wifi is unstable. I can't open the window for noise.
Age 20, Korea(Republic of)
Ok but not great
The Hostel is only 3 minutes walk from the trainstation Nice-Ville and next to the biggest shopping-street and centre. The owner was really nice and helpfull. The kitchen was clean and a nice place for cooking and to meet people. But we stayed at a dorm and this room and the bathrooms were not clean (also mildew) and the mattress was really uncomfortable.
Very Nice
Staff was super friendly. Free wifi. Kitchen was a good place to meet people. Clean and well taken care of. Only downsides -- 15 minute walk from the City Center. The area of town looks sketchy at night, but good during the day.
More than enough!
I stayed here for a night in October 2009 and I have to admit that although I didn't have any expectations, it was a very nice stay. The staff is very friendly, wireless internet is working perfectly well, bathrooms are in very good condition, and there are microwaves and fridges in the dorm rooms. I guess the best thing about the hostel was its location, which is about three minutes away from Nice Train Station and about ten minutes' walk to the historical town center and the beach, which are the main attractions of the city. The only shortcomings of the hostel for me would be the lack of common spaces for travelers and the absence of breakfast (despite the fact that 90% of the hostel breakfasts are sh*tty, they still might come in very handy). Don't hesitate to stay here if you're looking for a cheap and comfortable stay in Nice.
This hostel was one of the best I've stayed in. The room was spacious with private bath (excellent shower, by the way), and the staff was unbelievably helpful. The hostel was cleaned everyday and fresh towels were left. While there was no lounge or kitchen, we had a microwave and frig in the room. The location was so good and the room so comfortable, we never missed having a lounge. I would highly recommend this hostel.
Allison S.
This hostel was amazing, no complaints at all. The staff was very nice and friendly.Also for those who don't speak french, it's ok because the staff does english. The nicest thing about that hostel is that its centrally located, less than five minutes from the train station and within ten minutes walking of all of Nice. I would not hesitate to come back here again.
friendliest hostel in France
This is by far the friendliest hostel i have stayed at in europe. the owners treat you like one of their own and help you whatever you want. the only problem is that Nice is undergoing major construction to put in an rediculous tramway (rediculous because everything is a ten minute walk away no matter where you are). so the area around the trainstation and the entire main road look horribly like a dirty street in Brooklyn. the beaches are nice but are rocks instead of sand. the hostel is located close to everything and easy to find. there is no common area that i know of, but why would you want to stay inside when you have the french riviera calling. 5/5 for the hostel, 3/5 for the city.

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