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Hostel Marabou Prague is great. It is a place for young backpackers -- there is a basement and a lounge upstairs for hanging out late at night. It is very easy to make friends here – in fact you will make one even if you don't try.

There are fourteen beds in most of the rooms, with one shower and a boy and girl toilet per hall which will be about eighteen people. On an average day there could be at least thirty backpackers in this hostel. There are three internet computers with no time limit and you may have to wait almost an hour to use one.

The breakfast is excellent and you get a free beer when you check in. The staff is very friendly. Laundry is about 250KC, which is about 8 euros. So bring your own detergent and handwash if you are on a budget.

This hostel is about twenty minutes away from downtown. You have to use two buses or a bus and train to get anywhere. The direction to this hostel is pretty accurate, but the hostel is not opposite the third bus stop. You have to walk two minutes back, because you will go past this hostel on the bus.

Overall if you want to have an awesome time, meet new people, and relax till 2 a.m., this is a great place. But if you are not into these things then you might not like this place.
by Isabella Oyairo Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Marabou Prague" at Koněvova 55.)


Koněvova 55, Praha 3, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.088929, 14.460516 (accuracy not guaranteed)
00 420 222 581 182
00 420 222 581 194
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Damp and Dark
Unfortunately we can't recommend this hostel -- at least not its budget rooms. Slept in a room without windows (which we weren't told until after the booking confirmation) and the air was stuffy and damp. Air conditioning was not working. The (shared) windowless bathroom had a mouldy shower curtain and could not be locked. The communal areas were equally damp and smelled like it. Because of the damp climate in the building we didn't feel it was even healthy to stay there. However, staff were friendly and helpful and the price was good.
David & Miriam
Good Accommodation, Bad Location
It's quite far from the Metro, so getting around can be more difficult than it should. The staff is helpful, the people staying there were nice. One thing, however, is that there was no Internet connection. There was a network called "Marabou," but actually accessing the internet was almost impossible. The downstairs lounge smells like musty and moldy. Really nice beer selection. Not bad.
Age 20, United States of America
Pleasant place
Nice clean place with big rooms and comfortable couches. The stuff is freandly. It is a bit far from the Old town and Hrad what will force someone to use public transport, but the price is reasonable to do it.
Good times on the cheap
We reserved our beds for one night before we got to Prague, thinking we'd try it out and maybe hostel-hop, but ended up staying here the entire trip. It's great -- nothing else to it. It's funny that people complain about how many beds are in a room. Fourteen beds, one hundred beds. Either way you're sleeping with people at bed's length in any direction. And they also have smaller, more private rooms if you want to spend the money. So you really don't have a leg to stand on if you don't like sleeping in a barracks-style room but book one anyway. Anyway, the beds are clean, the kitchen is tight but cozy (if you get up early there's some good breakfast food, too!), the lounge is nice for sitting and looking at a map. There's also a kickin' downstairs lounge. There's a pay-pool table and computers with free (albeit spotty) internet. You can also smoke down there. The decor is funky and so is the odor (smells like a musty basement -- which it is) but you get used to it. The staff are also really nice and all speak English. In my opinion, the woman who works the majority of the weekdays is the best thing about Prague.
  I loved this hostel. It is very cheap (we paid about 12 €) and in addition we got a discount because we stayed there for eight days. There were fourteen of us and we booked a room for fourteen people but we got two extra people so there were two additional beds. One was supported with a paint bucket and it collapsed a few times. I'm glad I didn't have that bed. It's possible to get a security locker. It costs 5 € or 100 krons and you get the money back when you leave. Breakfast was good and they even have a cupcake or something like a biscuit for dessert. The hostel is not in the very center but the bus is not very expensive. A ticket for metro, bus and tram costs around 10 € for a week but it's not hard to get on the bus for free. They rarely check the tickets. There a lot of bars and restaurants nearby. All in all we loved our stay in Marabou and we'll return next year.
Not a pleasant stay
Trains run behind the hostel all night. Dorm rooms that say fourteen beds really mean seventeen. No locks on dorm rooms, anyone can come in and out, we had someone come in and rob anything that was out in the open when we were there. If you pay by credit card they cannot give you a refund if you decide you want to leave early like we did. Cheap and affordable, you do get a bed but beware of bedbugs. Basement smells of dank mold. In general my girlfriend and I found this to be the worst place to be while we were in Prague, it is a beautiful city, go visit but don't stay here.
  I had such an enjoyable experience at Hostel Marabou in Prague. It has such a great atmosphere, with a very eclectic group of people staying here. I have met some amazing people at the hostel, the staff included. They have been so helpful with providing information, advice and the place is sparkling clean. If you visit Prague, you should most definitely stay at this hostel. The public transportation system is great and very easy to figure out. We knew our way around the city center and the hostel area by the end of our first few hours in Prague.
  great stay. clean facilities, english speaking staff, free czech beer on arrival, comfortable beds, and big individual lockers. A bit out of the way from the center (twenty-five-minute walk) but there is a bus that picks you up right outside the hostel and it's only two or three stops to the main bus station of prague. definitely staying there again!

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