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D.lux Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Good staff Crappy room but the staff went out of their way to make our stay better. We got a really bad room, complained to the manager and he gave us the best room. Very good service.  , Norway ()
1   Left us high and dry after booking 4 and a half MONTHS in advance, they cancelled our booking by voice mail 24 hours before our ship arrived back in sydney! No explanation, No excuse, No help for another booking, NOTHING! we were out of pocket looking for another hotel on a damn Saturday night! all they can do is give lame excuses about poorly trained staff, NEVER AGAIN!!!  , Australia ()
4   Yeah If you like getting f***ed up off loads of drugs and banging scouse birds then this is he place for you, if not f*** off somewhere else.  , ireland ()
5   Excellent Touch of class, staff are quality -- great for long termers. En-suite and TVs. Loads to do and dane the entertainment manager gets you loads of free stuff. well worth it and cheap to stay there short and long term.  , British ()
4   Clean Hostel, friendly staff! I stayed there in 2007 but it was so good I needed to write a review now. It was the cleanest and friendliest we stayed in -- there are like two others we heard of that were at the same level. Once we had a cockroach at the room but after telling it to the staff, she freaked out and said she would do something because she lived there too. I am sure they really did something! Loved the staff, the rooms were good, and all was clean.  , German ()
5   Loved it. i loved it. we lived in this hostel for three months and didnt want to leave. the staff were like family.  ()
4   Loved it! loved d'lux, the rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and there is always a good atmosphere, whether you want to party or work! Staff are friendly, but hostel can get a bit noisy on a nighttime as it's bang in the centre of Kings Cross, which is for the open minded! I enjoyed my stay here and will be coming back for christmastime!  , England ()
5   Loved it and miss it love the staff.  , irish ()

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