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St. Christopher's Inn - Shepherd's Bush

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Good location, comfortable beds, secure rooms. A convenient and secure place to stay. Comfortable foam mattresses make for a comfortable nights sleep. Wifi speed needs to be improved but the rest is great. There has been a turnover of staff since I last stayed here. The staff did seem arrogant but they assisted me promptly and didn't cause me any trouble. I can not understand how a bunch of workers earning minimum wage think they are so important, but the hostel is still a good one and I'd stay here again.  , age 33, Australia ()
2  The bar is nice and the beds seem ok and the food is great! However what shat me was the staff. this is just another UK hostel run by arrogant traveling aussies who think they have seen and done it all! They were so arrogant and rude. Complete shallow wankers. Some of those staff members need to hatef***ed! However one guy was nice! And Yes I am australian!  ()
2  Kinda dissapointed really - id stayed in the one in greenwich the night before and was expecting more. Shepherds bush is kind of run down with a lot of poverty and alcohol/ betting shops dotting the street. It has a very high immigrant population which is reflected in its numerous "palestinian kebab" stores. There seems to be a lot of construction going on aswell so maybe its going to improve. Best bit is the much nicer Notting Hill is just 20 minutes walk away. The hostel itself is kind of cramped and packed with mainly ozzies looking for work. The rooms were small and the toilets reminded me of the ones in caravans due to their tiny size. The staff seemed kind of weird aswell. Its certainly got potential though with the cool bar downstairs.  ()
1  The bedrooms and toilets were very dirty and there was not much choice of breakfast.  ()
4  I loved this place!!! The staff were so damn friendly that I forgot I was not home in Texas! The location is awesome and the rooms are clean. It's right across from the Tube stations, which is very convenient! I really miss all the people I met at Shepards Bush and the people who are probably still working there! Thank you so much for a memorable experience!  ()
4  Overall, I thought this hostel was pretty good. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The rooms were clean. The location is good. There is a mall next door with a supermarket, a pharmacy, a bank and a movie theatre. Although the hostel doesn't have a kitchen, I was able to buy deli food for dinner. Or you can get discounted meals in the bar. There are also inexpensive restaurants close by. The only problem was the noise from the bar. I'd recommend requesting a room on the second floor since the bar is underneath the first floor of the hostel. This place also has a laundry.  ()
5  A fabulous hostel experience!!! We stayed here for a week in May/June 2004. The staff could not have been better!!! The rooms were very clean, and a self-service breakfast was included. Other meals were priced the same as pubs in the area, with great food choices. The chill out/chat room was user-friendly, with laundry and Internet services. Also, there was a live Web cam to send photos home from the bar!!! With the last call being at 11 p.m., all was quiet by 11:45 p.m., just like downtown London. Location! location!. This place can be found directly across the road from the Shepherds Bush tube station. It was very easy to find after the all-night transatlantic flight. You can get direct service from here with a zone 1-2 tube pass to all central London sites. Thank-you, St. Christopher's Shepherds Bush!!!  ()
2  Good location next to a tube station. Otherwise not recommended: No kitchen, and a REALLY noisy club downstairs. The rooms were ok, but not great. You can find something better in London for the same price.  ()

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