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Astor Museum Inn

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Astor Museum Inn is a simple but likeable little hostel in the middle of London. It's part of the Astor group of hostels that includes several hostels around London. It's located right in the center of the city, directly across the street from the British Museum (which has free admission by the way and it worth seeing).

The door rooms have any number of beds ranging from 4 to 12, with lower prices for rooms with more beds. The beds are typical metal hostel bunk beds, but the pillows and mattresses are a little nicer than average. Lockers big enough for a small backpack (you didn't overpack did you?) are provide under each bed. Remember to bring your own padlock (always a good idea when hostelling).

The hostel is kept reasonably clean. There's no smoking allowed in the rooms or most of the common areas, but smoking is allowed around the reception desk area, so the smoke from that part of the hostel can drift around to the rest of it.

The common areas include a small "DVD room" with a tv and a stock of DVDs, along with a few (way overpriced) internet terminals. Downstairs is a well stocked kitchen and eating area where the free breakfast (stale cereal, bread, and coffee) is served.

The atmosphere is chill and laidback. It's a friendly kind of place, but the common areas are small and it's not the kind of hostel where people hang out much at night or during the day.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
August 2005
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good sleep I have never slept in such a quiet dorm room! The hostel is nice, clean, and cosy-feeling. The 12 bed dorm we stayed in was spacious and clean, comfortable beds and windows that open! The bathrooms were clean, and there was free breakfast. The hostel feels a little shabby, but overall I was really pleased with it and would definitely stay again. And amazing location!!  , age 33, UK ()
4   Good hostel but the staff can be isolating Pros -- location. Excellent, just near two tube stations, lots of groceries stores around. The beds are comfortable, even if the rooms can be small. The bathrooms are plenty and pretty clean. Fully functioning kitchen. Cons -- would not recommend for solo travelers, because the staff is very cliquey and is not really interested in mingling, which makes making friends difficult. I'm pretty sure there were bedbugs in my bed.  , age 26, brazil ()
5   Nice hostel Good hostel and friendly staff.  , age 26, USA ()
1   Utter Dogshit I can, with a great degree of certainty say that this was by far the worst hostel I've ever stayed at. I thought the worst experience I had ever had would never be topped, but lord have mercy they pulled out all the stops. First few minutes at the hostel were trying to say the least. It took 5 or 6 minutes just to get past the locked door as the staff was in the back watching tv or on the computer scanning facebook. And even when my friend and I obtained the code from passersby, the girl 'working' at the front desk told me that she actually wasn't working, all while letting me see her mouth full of some disgusting pasta atrocity. The guy who ended up helping us made me feel uncomfortable in no time flat, giggling and hitting on me when all I wanted to do was go to bed as my friend and I arrived quite late. After getting the hell out of there the horrors continued in our room. If you stay here, bring your opium pipe because that's what you're getting yourself into. Horrible bathrooms, no guarantee of actually having a bed to sleep in that night as on 2 of the 3 nights I was displaced to other beds or other rooms entirely. I could go on and on like Erykah Badu on this subject but I think what sums this place up the best is that after leaving the hostel my friend and I went about every effort possible in order to not come with 5 blocks of the place again. My best advice is, if you are unfortunate enough to stay at this place, be your charming self and find some random girl at a bar and work that angle so you can just go home with her. Believe me, an STD is a pretty decent trade off in this case.  , us ()
3   Does the job, great location. Stayed here for one night in the middle of May 2011. Overall stay was okay, nothing exceptional. This hostel is split into two buildings, which I didn't read about anywhere online, so was a little annoyed. Typically, I was in the second building, which is nicely hidden on little russel street (a seemingly dodgy back street). Reception staff gave me very little direction on the location of the second building, but luckily I knew the area a little, and found it okay, around a 3 minute walk if you know where you're going. The main annoyance of the two buildings is that the common space is in the first, so being in the second building felt very separated until I went over for breakfast in the morning. Generally speaking everything else was fine, fairly clean, met some awesome people, great location, obvious value for money (especially as breakfast is included -- don't expect much though!), friendly if a little unhelpful staff. I would consider staying here again, if not just for the location.  , UK ()
1   Poorly Managed Nice location and staff but next to no organisation. I was sent to a room with no floorboards, and no beds. Then they moved me and I nearly died from paint fumes. There were no curtains for privacy and my bed wasn't made until 7 p.m. The next day I was asked to leave the room between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. and was made to wander aimlessly around London with a hangover I would have much preferred to enjoy in bed. All in all a complete shamble. Maybe with some management my stay would have been more enjoyable.  , USA ()
5   Very Friendly After staying in numerous hostels throughout the U.K., this was the friendliest. Maybe because there were a few Aussies and Kiwis there, but all the long termers made themselves known and invited you to drinks or whatever. For what I paid I thought it was great. The showers and toilets were clean and the kitchen was not dirtier than that of my boarding house -- it's a communal kitchen for goodness sake! I had a great stay (six nights) and will be back. As an Australian, it was the Museum Inn that gave me my first ever Fosters can!  , Australia ()
4   Very good, fantastic location I had a very good stay here in June 2007. Fantastic location, easy to walk just about anywhere, close to a few tube stations (including Picadilly Line which goes to-from Heathrow). Good area, felt very safe at all times of day/night, quite a few pubs/cafes within easy walking distance too. Great little park just up the street to chill in, and across the road from the British Museum. Cannot complain about this hostel's location at all. The rooms were a decent size, beds were comfortable enough and had lockable drawers under the beds. The drawers (more like baskets) aren't particularly big though, a few other people had some trouble fitting all their stuff in, although I managed to squeeze my mega-sized rucksack in. Breakfast was acceptable, cereal and toast, about standard really. Rooms were cleaned every day (they accidentally woke me one day at about midday after a night of clubbing -- hit up Turnmills on a friday if you're there before it closes for good -- when they realised I was still there they quickly lowered their voices to try to avoid waking me). Bathrooms were a little ho-hum, only two toilets and two showers for the ground floor and level one, although I never had to wait in a week of staying there so its not a major problem. They were clean enough too. I'll definitely be staying here if I'm ever in London and staying in a hostel again, really good.  , Australia ()

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