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Astor Queensway

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It's located just down the street from Hyde Park where you can go walk, sit, write, draw and be mesmerized by the greenest grass, bushiest roses, lovers in row boats, bunny rabbits, exotic herons, ducks, swans, puppies and squirrels so tame they will literally pull on your pants leg for a bite of that sandwich! There is a lock out (which can be a bummer if you are exhausted and jet lagged) but you can stow away your pack and head out for a walk (or a nap at the park) until they let you up to your room. The rooms have six bunks and a shower. There is a little kitchen downstairs, but it does not have much in the way of cutlery—you can manage if you are determined. If you need a wine key they have one at the front desk. There is plenty of room to sit and watch news or sports down in the basement kitchen area. You can also leave labeled food in one of the refrigerators. They do offer a free, which is just the basic bread and coffee deal you will find throughout Europe. But on some days they did not even provide enough for even half the people staying at the hostel.

The rooms are nice. The bunks are brand new and sturdy which can't be said for many other hostels. There is no lift so you'll have to get your backpack up a few flights of stairs.

The Astor is a decent and clean hostel. They have a pool table and internet access in the small common room just left of the entryway foyer beside reception. The reception here is uncommonly pleasant. Just do not waste your precious pounds on that pricey coin operated computer if you need to be online for any length of time. There are plenty of reasonably priced internet cafés on Queensway (same street as the tube station.) The Astor is fairly priced (always check on-line for changes) and is recommended for the laid-back backpacker. Enjoy London!

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good I really like this hostel. Near bayswater and queensway (two underground ), near tube have many market and food. Service is good, clear room.  , age 35, Taiwan ()
2   Dirty and noisy hostel If you arrived in London in evening and left on early morning and it's better sleeping in the airport. Very dirty and stingy toilet and shower and you do not wish take shower.  , hong kong ()
4   Good I really like this hostel. the location is amazing, staff is very friendly, breakfast was very good. Maybe they should work on a tidiness a little bit more but my whole impression of this hostel in quite good. I would recommend everyone!  , slovenia ()
4   Good Reasonably clean, with heaps of atmosphere and in a great neighbourhood! Lots of great places to eat and not too far from the station. Reasonably priced for London too and staff were really friendly. In retrospect we wish we'd stayed here for our entire stay.  , Australian ()
2   It was ok, I guess Planned to stay here for three nights but ended up only staying one. I had just come from a week working in Dublin with my own hotel room and had gotten sick, so that could be part of the reason I wasn't so happy. I arrived at 12:30 a.m. and immediately fell asleep -- or tried to. The room was incredibly hot, even with the window as open as it could be. Staff was friendly, en-suite bathroom ok (horrible shower though). After the one night I left and used some hotel points to stay at the Hilton, which I wanted to save for a special occasion, but I wasn't in the hostel mood on this trip I guess. For London it's a good price -- my bed in a six-bed en-suite room was about US$32 per night or so, but the room is so incredibly cramped that I just don't see myself staying here again.  , Namibia ()
4  It was nice overall. the carpeting and flooring seemed a bit shabby and has some tripping potential. The staff was great and the beds were comfy. The place was clean and the kitchen is nice and spacious. The subway line advertised as closest is closed and it was about a 20-30 minute walk to get there. There is another station closer on another line, other than the one advertised. Overall a decent place to stay.  , Canada ()
4  i'm a relatively quiet person but not even i could resist talking to the friendly guests and staff here. the open kitchen was a sight for sore eyes when i came back in the middle of the day to eat something and rest. the building seemed pretty old but renovations were being done. i was not a witness to any drug use although it seems that just about everyone in london smokes. best place i stayed in europe.  ()
2  Having just left a fantastic hostel in Edinburgh my opinion of the Astor Quest may be a little skewed. I am however certain that the accommodations with which we were provided and the atmosphere into which we arrived were not worth the money we paid. An important note (which the site does not mention) is that the Queensway Tube station has been closed until May of 2006. There is, therefore, a fair walk from the next closest station. If you happen to be carrying a large pack the walk can be a bit grueling. The main road is lined with hotels so there can be heavy foot traffic at times, as well. Astor Quest does have a few things going for it. It is in a great neighborhood just north of Hyde Park and adjacent to Notting Hill. There's a great selection of cafes and restaurants down the road. The hostel itself is usually very clean. Each morning of our stay the cleaning person arrived to tidy our en suite bathroom before any of us had even made out of bed. The facilities in the hallway are a bit more suspect but even they were in good shape. The fact that we arrived during renovations (of which we were not aware) could be considered both a curse and a blessing. The kitchen is closed all day and guests are only allowed in after 5:30. They've brought painters in to freshen up the place but without proper ventilation the fumes can be overwhelming. The front steps and reception area are generally crowded with other guests socializing and smoking (both inside and out). As a non-smoker and a North American I found this a bit unappealing but understand that smoking in public places is still the norm throughout much of Europe. What is not of the norm is open use of drugs. This behavior has the potential to be dangerous for other guests. The crowd around the front desk also makes it difficult for others to make inquiries or purchase things like phone cards. Of course, even if you buy a phone card it may not work. The one we purchased had expired access numbers and was therefore completely useless. Though we did obtain a refund it would have been helpful if the staff were aware of this beforehand. Ultimately the most annoying thing about the Astor Quest is the incredibly loud techno music played by someone a couple of floors below us. Our room gave onto a small airshaft. The music, which started in the early evening and often continued until 2 or 3 in the morning, filtered up through the airshaft. Because the room is so small and filled with six warm bodies shutting the window is not an option. If you can deal with the smoke, the noise, the crowding and the ongoing renovations then the Astor Quest may be worth a try. Just make sure you bring earplugs.  ()
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