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St. Christopher's Inn - Orient Espresso / Oasis

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The first thing the weary traveller will do, upon debarking at London Bridge Station and stepping out just yards away from the Orient Espresso's colorful facade (that is, assuming one chooses the Borough High Street exit) is wonder how on earth they're supposed to check in. After trudging down the road to the Village, the administrative center for the three St. Christopher's hostels on this road, and back, one finds that all three are really separate pieces making up one standard hostel. The Village has check-in and the free breakfast, along with a few rooms; the Original or the Inn has the bar, and a few more rooms; and the Orient Espresso just has bedrooms and bathrooms - no on-duty staff, and no other amenities.

That being said, it keeps the price down, and it only takes a three or four minute walk to get you your other perks. Since there's only bedrooms in this block, and the coffee shop below closes fairly early on, it stays pretty quiet, too. Security features exist but may be overridden - you need a swipe card to get in the front door, into each corridor from the stairwell, and into each bedroom, but be prepared to find the stairwell latches taped down, and sneakers holding the bedroom doors open if you have roommates who aren't going out (or maybe even if they are). There are wire storage lockers, but only one under each bunkbed, so get there early or be prepared to share if you have any actual valuables.

The neighborhood is nice, the building and the rooms are clean, and the location can't be beat. London Bridge Station puts you within easy walking distance of the Tower and Tower Bridge, not to mention the Tate Gallery and many other attractions, and of course for any more remote destinations, the tube is right there.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
October 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Why not? this hostel isn't bad at all, ok, fine the price might be higher then many other hostels in london but the location is perfect, staff friendly, and even tho it's in loud surroundings you'll get a good nights sleep. I stayed on the top floor in a twin bunk bed room. Nice showers with free shampoo and conditioner. Breakfast was alright, not more then you can expect of a "continental breakfast." If you want to feel safe and relax in the middle of London, stay here. But if you want to save up a couple of £, don't.  , sweden ()
1  With these prices you would expect better. I'm planning a trip to Asia next time; the savings on rooms alone covers the entire trip.  ()
3  This place is extremely loud at all hours of the night, if your room is on the street. The massively inconvenient reception is almost two blocks down the road. We had to find out for ourselves at midnight when we arrived in London. This place is in a good location for the tube, but not much else.  ()
1  This place sucks!!! They are so dysfunctional. They make everyone change rooms almost every night -- It makes no sense. They also charge you £1 to store your bags during the moving process. They don't just let you move your bags into the new room. Nope, you have to bring your bags to reception, which is 5 minutes down the road (as is breakfast) to store between 10:00 and 14:00. It's so stupid. The staff was very unhelpful. There are no 'real' lockers for your bags. The key cards don't always work. It's load. It just sucks!!! As do all the Christopher Inn Hostels in London. We had to change locations and rooms every night for four nights.  ()

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