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St. Christopher's Inn - Camden

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Hostelz.com's Review
The Location

St. Christopher's Inn - Camden is located in the very cool alternative area of Camden town, which is packed with bars and restaurants and a number of street markets open daily. The hostel itself is located on top of
Belushi's bar -- in fact, the reception is in the bar itself. It is very easily accessible by either the Morningcrescent tube stop or the Camden Town tube stop, both within a two-minute walk.

Rooms and Bathrooms

St. Christopher's offers six-bed female dorms, six-bed male dorms, eight-bed mixed dorms, and ten-bed mixed dorms, all of which are bunk-style beds. They also offer a twin, private ensuite. There are cage-style lockers under the bunks, but unfortunately only enough for one person per bunk. But the lockers are included in the price. The rooms are secured via card keys, with which St. Christopher's has a hard time -- the card keys often do not work or require several swipes before the door will open. The rooms are clean and almost homey. There is a bathroom and shower in each room. The shower, sink, and toilet are all separate from each other, which is nice when multiple people are trying to get ready in the morning. The showers and toilets are kept very clean.

Common Spaces

There is a chill out room at St. Christopher's with a big flat-screen TV and a couple of couches. But mostly people hang out in Belushi's bar below the hostel. The bar is loaded with flat screen TVs, attracting a bit of a sports crowd. The bar however, is not strictly for those staying in the hostel, which can be good and bad. One great downfall of St. Christopher's is that they do not have a kitchen. You can buy some food at the bar and people staying in the hostel get a 10% discount off food.

There is one computer with for-pay internet access for guests located in the chill out room. They also have a luggage storage room and they will let you store your luggage there for the day, even if you're supposed to be checked out or haven't checked in yet. St. Christopher's is a good place to meet other travelers and is definitely a more social hostel. With the bar right downstairs, it's hard to call it anything else than a party-oriented hostel. However, rooms are quiet if you're not interested in taking part in the party downstairs.


Overall, St. Christopher's is a nice hostel -- the location can't be beat, and the cleanliness and social aspect are big pluses. However, it is not the cheapest hostel, but you do get a bit more for your money than at some more budget hostels.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
November 2008

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Extremely Loud, Mediocre The staff was rather unfriendly, and the bar wasn't the sort I'd ever choose to go to, with extremely loud music (I had earplugs in, and was awoken literally by the bass vibrating my bed). The breakfast was pretty bad, and the food served at the bar was mediocre. The toilet was out of soap for about 3 days straight without being refilled.  , age 31, USA ()
1  A really terrible place to stay. Do not stay here. It is terrible, awful place.  ()
3  This hostel has both good and bad points, but we had a pretty good time there. Four of us went down to London to see Napalm Death and decided to spend a few days there to see the sights. We ended up sharing a room with the chef (who quit while we were staying there) and a cleaner. Our room was basic. The shower and bathroom facilities were quite rustic, the floor was plain concrete, the beds weren't the most comfortable in the world and there were no lockers in the rooms. On the plus side, the free breakfast is pretty good and the hostel is in a great location for the Camden Market, the Underworld club, which has a lot of rock and metal gigs, and the Tube station. If you're staying in London for more than one night I recommend getting a three-day Underground ticket, as it's pretty good value for money and the Tube can get you just about anywhere you'd want to go.  ()
2  This hostel was clean and fairly cheap. They also offered a limited breakfast, which wasn't too bad. But the endless pounding music from the lame bar sucked. I don't think I even got a drink at this bar while I was in London. The place is clean, but if you want to feel like you're in a frat/sorority party back in the States, then this is the place.  ()
1  This hostel suffered from not having a kitchen. The bar was cheesy and the staff were surly. I enjoyed my stay here only because I met a great girl who also wanted to leave.  ()
4  I found the hostel quite clean. It was a bit noisy, but that didn't bother me as I was too tired to stay awake. The bathroom in the room was nice. However, the staff was a bit moody and we had almost no place to store our luggage securely. If they fix these things the hostel is a good value.  ()
1  This place sucks!!! Loud, bad music in the bar (American themed -- I thought I was in Europe, not the States), drug dealers on the roof, leaky ceilings and room changes. Stay somewhere else!!!  ()

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