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SameSun Backpacker Lodge - Vancouver

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Hostelz.com's Review
SameSun Backpacker Lodge - Vancouver is a large, animated hostel; centrally located; and it is perfect if you're just looking for a bed to crash after a night out, or people to get drunk with.

The Location

The hostel is easily accessible from the airport, by Skytrain, and then a three-block walk. The hostel itself is very easy to find, as there is a large sign visible from far away. Downtown Vancouver is not the cleanest, most tourist-friendly place, but we didn't feel unsafe walking to the hostel at night.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are very small, and we had trouble being all there at the same time and doing what we needed to do (getting dressed, packing). They are very functional rooms -- basically, there is space for you to sleep, store your things, and that's about it. The rooms are not very clean or in good shape either, so overall the they are not very inviting. The bathrooms are typical of large hostels -- a few shower stalls in a row, a couple of common kitchen sinks, and a few toilets. They are not excessively clean, but not dirty either -- just clean enough. There are enough showers and toilets for a large hostel and you never have to wait for one to be free.

Common Spaces

There are several common spaces -- a bar downstairs; the kitchen, which is mostly used for cooking; and a pool room/computer room for people to just hang out. None of these places look very good, as they are not very clean and are looking a little worn out, but they are good places to meet people. As a large hostel, it is not very intimate, and you'll most likely see different people every time you go to one of these common areas, but it's still possible to make new friends. The crowd is very young, and there is a lot of emphasis on partying and getting drunk, but not much else.


This is a good hostel if you're just looking for a clean bed to crash into after a night out. It's centrally located, and clean enough for most people to want to spend a few nights. Typical of large hostels though, it is better suited for people traveling in groups, rather than solo travelers.

by Monica
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Fine deal in an expensive city Glad I found you. I will be back next time I have to stay in Van.  , age 59, Germany ()
4   Not bad. I like it. Small dorm room. Friendly staff. Big common room. City central location.  ()
3   Rudely awakened at 4am Small rooms, crowded bathrooms, sounds from the city travel easily up to the 3rd floor. I was woken up at 4 in the morning by some loud drunkards that turned the lights on. Overall, not a bad place to stay for a night. Free breakfast in the morning is a plus.  , age 22, USA ()
4   Fun hostel I enjoyed my stay at this hostel. It had a lot of personality, had a good price, and was in a good location. Wasn't the cleanest hostel I've stayed at, but certainly not an issue. I'd stay there again.  , USA ()
5   I liked it! Clean, great staff, fun, cool bar, and cheap drinks!  , usa ()
2   BedBugs. Bedbugs and they didn't seem to care. Poor. Need I say more.  , Austria ()
3   Inconsistent We stayed here twice. The first time was great, our room was fairly large, the staff at the front desk gave us lots of advice and all in all there were no hassles. The second time however, we arrived mid morning and told check in wasnt until 3 p.m. So we went for a walk for a few hours, came back at 3:15 p.m. and were told our room still was not cleaned and we would have to wait another hour at least! We were cold and tired after having traveled and were not very happy. As we could use the facilities still we decided to take a hot shower only to have the cleaners complain that we were in there. When checking out, the girl behind the counter completely ignored us although we were waiting in line and she continued to help every male around us. When my friend asked if we could please check out as we had a flight to catch the guy behind the desk rudely said they were busy. He then snatched our room keys off us, basically threw our deposit money back and didnt even thank us for our stay. All in all its a fairly good backpackers, its ok priced, good location (Granville isnt that dodgy) and theres a good party atmosphere. Some of the staff need attitude readjustments for sure, although have to say Dave was awesome and so helpful, he is the nicest one working there for sure!  , Australian ()
2   Not a good choice if you want to sleep All i wanted was to get some sleep after my huge flight over and the bar was pumping music well into the night. Good location, tasty food at the bar, nice people. But just not a good choice when you have jet lag or arent a party-well-into-the-night person.  , New Zealand ()
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