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Hostel Pousada Cancun

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Good Place Well I don't feel that this place is a bad place to stay. It's a simple place without luxury. who wants that kind of thing don't go there, but who wants a nice place with many friends -- alright.  , England ()
1  Absolutely awful place. These people are lying, cheating crooks. Having booked our accommodation for Carnival nearly three months in advance we turned up after a thirty-six-hour coach journey to find that our "four-person dorm with private facilities and lockers" did not actually exist. Instead we were given a broom cupboard with a broken bed, broken windows, broken fan, and broken lock on the door. As this was usually where the janitor slept he had to sleep on the floor outside the door. The only bathroom in the entire place was also for the bar downstairs -- you can imagine the state of it during Carnival - sh*t everywhere. Didn't get any sleep and after two hours of lying with the sun burning my face through the broken window at dawn (couldn't block it up because it was the only ventilation in an airless box), we forfeited our deposit, packed our bags and left. We had even heard horror stories about this place from people we met in southern Brazil, but thought it was too late to find anywhere else -- if only we'd listened to them  ()

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