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Strawberry Youth Hostel Salzburg

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Hostelz.com's Review
Strawberry Youth Hostel Salzburg is a converted hotel located at a quiet corner of Salzburg. It is facing Salzach River with railway passing by its back. It does not have a big signboard but the pink colour of the outer wall plus a very distinctive hotel appearance make it stands out of all neighbouring buildings.


It is not difficult to find this hostel based on the instruction given by the hostel staff. However, if you take bus 2 from Salzburg airport, you should be alighting after the bus passes through the river. By walking back before crossing river, you can find a the sign plate as mentioned by the hostel staff, although the alphabets on the plate are normally not too easily comprehend by people who do not know German. You will never find it a big problem to visit the old town as you can either choose to walk fifteen minutes along the river, rent a bike from reception, or even take a bus (the stop is three minutes' walk from the hostel).

Rooms and Bathrooms

All the bedroom are ensuite and arranged like a budget hotel room. There are beds, table, wardrobe, clothes hanging hook, and mirror.The single beds may restrict movement in and out but most of the things are in workable condition. The only different thing from other hostels is it does not allocate any bed number in advance. So you have to guess if the bed was not currently in use by someone else at the moment. The bathroom is old but still usable. The sanitary condition basically depends on with whom you stay, although the staff will come in for cleaning every afternoon. We find this kind of room more suitable for group travelers.

Common Spaces

The common spaces consists of a kitchen, dining room, TV room, communal area, sofas close to the staircase, breakfast room, and laundrette. Communal area is always full of people chatting with each other, playing table tennis or going online for free (twenty minutes only). The kitchen is another busy area for people to prepare their own food.

Many people like to take a seat near to the window of the living room with cooked food, as there is a very good place to view the river. Upon finishing the meals, they will laze around the sofas to play games or share some touring experience with the people they just met in the hostel. The other common areas are usually left empty most of the time.


Overall, the hostel is really a nice place to stay while visiting such a wonderful city. People should be aware that there is no secured locker for baggage storage and no parking lot is available. Currently there is a new railway bridge being built up near the hostel so roadside parking is not possible. But as planned by the local government, most people have to park at underground car parks before they can move around in the city by other means.

There is a need for the hostel owner to sort out the bed number and get more keys for the guests, as they do not always come in as a group. Furthermore, there is a need to specify timing of cleaning to avoid embarrassing events.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
July 2007

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