YWCA Fernhurst




(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "YWCA Fernhurst" at 1566 Wilder Avenue.)


1566 Wilder Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
21.303449, -157.832837 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (808) 941-2231
+1 (808) 945-9478
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Was a great place to stay
I first stayed at Fernhurst in 1979 when I moved to Honolulu and it was wonderful. It was a mix of travelers and women, like myself, who'd moved to Honolulu and needed a place to live until finding a job and an apartment. I lived there again in 1981 when I was between apartments. Then, I lived at Fernhurst in 1994 and 1996 when I, again, was between apartments. By 1994, it had begun to change. The new manager was pushing for a change in the type of people who lived there. In 1994, and even moreso in 1996, mixed in with those of us who where travelers or Hawaii residents who needed a place to live until we found an apartment, there were homeless women trying to get back on their feet, parolees, and ex-convicts. Now, by 2016, and for some years before now, it's been a homeless shelter. The majority of women there are either homeless or prisoners on a work furlough program. It is no longer a place where women travelers or women who are moving to Honolulu can live while looking or a job and an apartment. "Normal" people have been squeezed out.
Age 65, American
I HAVE VISITED HERE MANY TIMES FROM AUSTRALIA. The hospitality, friendliness of staff and above all cleanliness is amazing. i am elderly and disabled and yet have never never had reason to complain. There is nowhere else in the world that I enjoy as much as being in Fernhurst. I feel safe and secure which is wonderful -- transport virtually at the door and hospitality abounds wherever I go. If you need a home away from home please visit Fernhurst. I have traveled extensively all over the world and this is no.1 for me!
This accommodation is not expensive, safe, quiet, and clean. Moreover, the staff is very friendly and you feel at home. I'm eager to go back!
I visited in 1998
I stayed at Fernhurst during a brief furlough from my job working on the cruise ship that circled the islands. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my two week stay. It was a relaxing time, reading books, visiting with the other ladies in the day-room, and getting plenty of rest. Quite often there was a gentle rain and the sound of it just outside my window was so peaceful. I walked to and from Waikiki Beach every day and often strolled over to Ala Moana Shopping Center or to the park. Transportation was easy with the bus. All in all, I look forward to coming back again.
Jean S.
Great location. Great staff who are helpful and outgoing, good food and lots of it. Safe and Quiet and spartan living at it's best! I would recommend this facility to any woman. NO problem with any mosquitos or any other insects. Thank God for this place.
Ren Malloy
My first stay at Fernhurst was in 1987 when I found it to be exactly as described in the brochure. Fernhurst is clean, well maintained, and safe as a (no frills) home for women traveling alone on business, vacation, or as temporary housing while finding an apartment. My subsequent visits have been equally satisfying and I look forward to Fernhurst Aloha in the near future.
(USA/San Diego)
I visited in 1990
I'm hoping that by now it has upgraded. There was a real problem with mosquitoes. It was a safe affordable place to stay and it's wonderful that it still exists.
  I felt very at home with the warm and gracious YWCA Fernhurst staff! (ok the complimentary meals wouldn't earn a five star Michelin rating, but I can totally live on the green salads alone!)
Julie Chan

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