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Jammin' Rimini Party Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
The Location

It's about a fifteen-minute walk southeast from the Rimini train station or a ten-minute bus ride on bus #11. It is located in a quiet neighborhood two blocks away from the main road through Rimini. It's a great location to reach the beach, wander through the stores on Viale Vespucci, or visit the clubs at night.

Rooms and Facilities

The rooms are set up dormitory-style. They are clean and some with a private bathroom with a shower in the room. There is a dining room behind the reception, which also functions as a bar along with lounge room with a computer.

The Social Atmosphere

The hostel is very casual, friendly, and can be very boisterous. The staff is very helpful and has information about the area. The hostel is associated with one of the beach areas and there are discounts for hostel guests at that area.


Hostel Jammin is a great place to stay, just minutes from the beach, along with the party atmosphere that Rimini is known for.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
July 2007

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Clean, Nice Atmosphere, Good Location, Strict stupid rules I had an excellent 4 day stay at Jammin' hostel in Rimini. The rooftop terrace is excellent for meeting people, having drinks and spend the evening before goin' out. The receptionists are relax and speak proper english. A big downside of the hostel is that they have stupid strict rules. They close the kitchen at 8 p.m. meaning you can only cook until 7 p.m. because you have to have cleaned your dishes before 8. They also remove the fridge from the kitchen so you can't use that after 8 as well. The kitchen is really small so people get annoyed because they can't cook and the result of this is that only for around 4 people can cook their meal and the staff is annoyed because the kitchen just can't be clean before 9. Also the roof-top balcony closes around 11 p.m. (sometimes a little later though) which is really a pity. Next to that, no complains, had an awesome time and met a lot of people from all over the world.  , the Netherlands ()
5   This hostel had the class and the service of a top hotel. From the minute I entered this hostel I had a great feeling. From the owner's personal touch, the sunbeds, cocktails, jamming room, Stefano (barman/night porter), to the location, which was close to everything. Pity it's the exception and not the norm.  , Ireland ()
4  Really nice hostel with friendly helpful staff. Clean bathrroms and rooms. Shame about the loud Italians staying there though! Close to the beach and about ten minutes' walk from train station.  ()
5  This hostel is good. It has a very good breakfast, and the staff are very helpful. It's close to the station and the beach. The bathrooms are clean and tidy. Rooms have plenty of space.  ()
5  I had an excellent four-day stay at this hostel, which is more like a cute small hotel. I reserved a bed in a dorm with bathroom, and it was only a three-bed room, spacious, modern, with individual cupboards that could be locked, and a large and very clean bathroom. I nevertheless checked the bathrooms in the hall also, which were also very clean and functional (e.g. the showers had a small space in front of the shower cubicle where you could leave clothes or a towel, and it was inside the shower room and could be locked). They even had hair-dryers near the mirror. The staff were extremely kind, friendly, unobtrusive and helpful. Curfew was at 11 p.m. but there were opening times for 10 minutes during the night (at 1 a.m., 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.). Internet was available for 1 euro per half-hour. Breakfast was light: buns, jam, coffee, tea, cornflakes and muesli, etc. All rooms have balconies with chairs provided. Overall, this is an excellent place to stay that I would recommend to anybody.  ()

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