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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Lozanni" at 54 Kapodistriou St. Vathis Square.)


54 Kapodistriou St. Vathis Square, Athens (Athinai), Attica, Greece
37.987132, 23.726842 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+302105223801 +302105226161
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TERRIBLE, worst hostel I have ever stayed in DON'T GO
This was a terrible hostel, don't go here, we stayed in several hostels in Athens and this was so dreadful in comparison to all the others. The staff particularly the English owner was incredibly rude, for example he complained because we weren't leaving quickly enough (at 9am) and refused to show us directions to the near tube stop. Also a creepy staff member came in and watched us sleep at one point VERY FREAKY. There were no sheets on the beds and only two dirty duvets for the six of us that were in the room. It was extremely smokes, far more then the other buildings we stayed in in Greece, it gave us both a headache which made it hard to think. There was one computer for the whole hostel which didn't work properly and the wifi didn't work. There are far better hostels in the city that will give you a great backpackering experience that are no more expensive, don't waste your time here.
Sophie Smith
Age 21
How can you sleep with such noise??
5 stars for the people at the reception, very friendly indeed. We spent there one night and then we moved as it was too noisy for us. The bar inside the hostel was too close to our room and the road outside was even more noisy. Bring your earplugs if you ever stay there. Plus, no hot water in the shower and the area outside is the worst of Athens, whores and drug addicted everywhere.
Davide & Michela - Chaivari ( Ge ) Italy
  Don't go there and I repeat don’t go! This is the most terrible and awful place I have ever set my eyes on! I made the first booking and after about five days was told by an hotel staff that my booking never went through. After a second booking I realised that my credit card was charged twice! I arrived there on 3.7.2006 around five a.m, and my name could not be found in the booking list. Then I looked around and was shocked! The bedroom/dorm, they say there's private bathroom when it's just a washbasin in the middle. The mattress, floor, walls, and small bacon were so dirty that I thought it was a garbage-dumping place. A loud, noisy music and screams were unbearable. A man that called himself a manager was the most cruel and ruthless creature I have ever seen. He called me names and kicked me out like a dog when I asked for a better room giving me a feeling that I was dealing with a criminal! I didn’t leave before he refunded my booking deposit. In five minute time I got another hotel in a better place, twice cheaper than this garbage place by just a phone call. After this experience I vowed that I will never book an hotel through internet again!
Mrs. Leander
  Everything there looks very nice but only on website pictures and description. The reality is more cruel. Only the service was very polite. We had to ask about towels and top sheets becouse there were not any in our rooms. The dark wooden floor was also a little bit strange and unpleasant. It might be good only for those who don't care about details and are only looking for a shower and a bed (space) to sleep. We paid fifty-six EUR for double room with private bathroom during the high season.
Think twice before you'll go there
  Don't go there! Awfull place! we stayed there for two nights. First of all, the neigborhood is the worst in all athens, it's not bad situated but full of heroin addicts and prostitutes, we thought that the taxi-driver who took us there would be wrong when he told us to be careful, but he wasn't, recommended not walking around after ten p.m. About the bedroom or dorm, they say there's private bathrrom when it's just a washbasin in the middle. The matress was so dirty (we called it the leprosy bed) that we even thought to sleep in the floor until I passed a handkerchief through it and became black dark. About the bar, doesn't let you sleep until three-thirty a.m. what makes you be tired to see the wonderfull Acropolis. For our third night we found another hotel in a better place and even cheaper where you can stay without vomiting twice a day.
  What a place! felt right at home and met loads of fellow backpackers in the bar. Dont excpect the ritz but do excpect the best staff, best fun, best information on the islands and the most relaxed bar staff in Athens :) Great place on your way through to see what you need to see.
james slevin
  Great hostel, and that's all there is to it. There's an awesome bar, with a free shot when you walk in, free Internet, 24-hour reception, plus it's right in the center of Athens. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the Acropolis. I stayed on the first floor and when I asked, the barman closed the door and turned down the music. Plus, I was in the bar most nights anyway! Bottom line, if you want a hostel that is quiet and close to all the sites, come to Lozanni and ask for a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor. If you want a hostel with a cool bar that stays open late and a place with no lockout (for the hangovers), stay here. I had a great time and will always remember Athens as a fun place.
  What a crappy place this was. Here are the adventures we had in our one-night stay in Hotel Lozanni: —There's a bar inside the hotel and it's open till 3:30 a.m. (even though the receptionist says 2 a.m. if you ask before you check in). You can hear the bad music in your room, no matter which floor you're on. —The rooms (at least the one we stayed in) had cockroaches. They were the biggest size we have ever seen. When we told the receptionist, the answer was: "I've stayed in that room for months, haven't seen any, how can that be?" We couldn't change the room because it was overbooked. There were people lying down on the corridor (by paying 8 euros per person) because there wasn't any room left. —The hotel is located in one of the worst neighborhoods of Athens (Omonia Square). You can see heroin addicts from 5 p.m. and hookers around 9-10 p.m. —It's listed as a Hostelling International (HI) hostel, but it doesn't meet the standards of the federation. The membership card is not asked for and you don't get a discount even if you show it. —Air conditioning costs extra (which is not told in the description provided by the owner). The night receptionist was very friendly and let us use the telephone and Internet to look for someplace else (with no luck), and we had to sleep in one of the corridors, in order not to get friendly with cockroaches. The music kept going on and (naturally) we got woken up frequently by drunken people getting out of the bar. There are better and cheaper places in Athens. Read the reviews and skip this place totally.
Engin and Josine

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