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Perfect for the traveler who wants the best of both worlds--a quiet town and access to the bigger cities--Ostello Tramonti stands between Cinque Terre and La Spezia. It offers access touristy locations and small getaways. So, whether you're a relax-on-the-beach traveler or a hike-to-the-nearest-town person this hostel is central to it all.

The Location

Ostello Tramonti is located in the small mountain town of Biassa--a quiet, beautiful location from which to explore the surrounding areas. A bus stops directly outside the hostel every hour or two to take travelers to the port town of La Spezia to the east or the first town in the stunning Cinque Terre hike, Rio Maggiore. The hostel provides bus schedules upon arrival and the cost of the bus is only a euro or two depending on where it is headed.

If guests feel adventurous and would rather skip the bus Rio Maggiore is only about two kilometers from Biassa on foot. Just walk straight up the main road until you see signs for Rio Maggiore and Cinque Terre, then follow those.

The town of Biassa, although small, offers a pizzeria with a view of the La Spezia port in the distance between two mountains. The view is particularly beautiful at night and the pizzeria tends to attract the hostellers as well as the locals. It's a great place to meet people and often converts a regular dinner into a dinner and dance party right there on the terrace.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorm rooms are clean and small. Each bed is numbered and assigned along with a locker and the lockers are large enough to fit a hiking backpack inside.

The shower rooms are shared by each hallway. They are clean and provide a decent amount of space, however they are co-ed. The shower doors are frosted glass and for privacy in the room the main door must be locked, denying anyone else the ability to shower at the same time. During our stay at this hostel we did not encounter any problems with this (and, indeed, there is one shower on each floor that is a private room), but for large groups this may be an issue.

The toilet rooms are all separate and there are quite a few of them on each floor.

Common Spaces

The clean and cozy common areas of this hostel cannot be topped. There is a TV room with soft couches and a book exchange shelf. The staff is happy to lend English DVDs to guests who just want to relax and spend the night in. Next to the large TV room there is a glass enclosed breakfast nook. Breakfast is two euro and is well worth it: yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, milk, juice, croissants, jam, Nutella, the works. And the best part of breakfast is sitting in the glass room and looking over the terra-cotta houses and the central stone bell tower rising above the town. Absolutely breathtaking and perfectly clean.


A great hostel for meeting other travelers, finding your own private getaway town, exploring Cinque Terre, and feeling generally well-taken-care-of, Ostello Tramonti is a winner. Choose to do everything possible in the nearby towns or relax and rest in Biassa. Either way this hostel is a great choice.

by Gigi Griffis
by Gigi Griffis
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Ostello Tramonti" at Via Fabio Filzi 110.)


Via Fabio Filzi 110, Biassa, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy
44.097410, 9.776309 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 01 87 758507
+39 0187758507
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Loved the drive to the 5Terre.
I thought the staff really try hard to provide quality service. This I do appreciate. I had an issue with getting picked up from riomaggiore which I wasn't happy about. They came down with a different car. I didn't think they were for my hostel. It would be a good idea if the driver calls out the names of people who are missing from his pick up list. I was told it was the brown van. This man came in a white car. When I asked the other people if they were going to the Biassa hostel as they headed for the car they said no but they did go there. So I thought it wasn't for me. If the guy called out names it would have avoided this issue. Otherwise it was very nice. A bit loud at night but I realize it's a lot of young people and I can deal with that. Breakfast was very good. Didn't try the dinners and wish I had.
Age 52, USA
Clean, friendly, accessible, affordable.
I only stayed one night, but the accommodations were comfortable and getting to Riomaggiore was easy with the help of the hostel, as well as with his directions on how to get there by foot in the morning.
Age 22, USA
Recommended out-of-town accommodation
Very helpful staff! Convenient shuttle service ensured hiking opportunities in the Cinque Terre. Considerate roommates and friendly hostel community. Would recommended this hostel!
Age 40, USA
Perfect for budget travelers to see le cinque terre
It is a small hostel, in a small town with not much to do. But it's exactly what you want and need if you don't have a heap if money to blow and you want to see le cinque terre. The guys Andrea and Diego are great, really friendly and happy to help. The beds are comfy, the bathrooms clean and there's always tonnes of hot water, all you really need after a day of trekking through the highlands.
Age 25, Australian
Great place, mediocre location
The room was great. Very clean, comfortable bed, wifi access, lots of travelers. My complaint was the distance from cinque tierre. We had to pay one euro for the hostel to drive us to the towns (which was only a 10 minute drive) and the hostel had limited shuttles so you had to plan your whole day around the shuttles. I would have preferred to get a hostel in one of the towns and be able to come and go as I wanted. We found a hostel in riomaggiore that was the same price and right in town. Live and learn.
Age 31, USA
Excellent place to stay at Cinque Terre
Ostello Tramonti was the perfect place to stay when I visited Cinque Terre for several days. It's not in one of the five towns, but rather up in the mountains in its own little village -- a scene I would never have found myself in if it weren't for staying at this hostel. It gave me a view into local life with easy access to likely what you're going to Cinque Terre to see -- the coast and five coastal towns. From the hostel, we were given rides down and back each day, so most of my time was spent running around and between the villages, but the time I did spend at the hostel was always good. Andrea ... he is an excellent hostel manager and guy to meet. I'll be back no doubt.
Age 23, United States
Great hostel and great staff
This place is awesome. You get an awesome view of la spezia from the dining area in the hotel. The sheets were super clean and the owners are so nice. Great and cheap shuttle service to the sea.
brunella mariotti
Age 51, italy
Beginning october 2012. I stayed for 2 nights and left with bedbugs, which cost me a lot of money to get rid off and a day in my travel calendar to treat for the bedbugs. No understanding from the staff on the hostel.

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