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Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

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Hostelz.com's Review
Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo is a basic hostel that meets your basic needs.

The Location

If you can successfully navigate public transit system, and not get lost among Amsterdam's canals and bridges, then Hostel Orfeo is relatively easy to find. There's a distinct sign that makes the location easy to spot. There are a fair number of restaurants nearby, including a Burger King and a McDonald's, that are open late.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are all up a steep, narrow staircase. If you're unlucky, as we are, you'll be on the fifth floor. It's quite a hike, with many turns, and can be very difficult to navigate when tired from traveling and well laden with luggage. As we were told by the front desk staff, there is no lift, which is standard for every hostel in Amsterdam. When you check in, you will be given a keycard, a free city map, and the Wi-Fi password if you would like it. The Wi-Fi is free, but you may have trouble receiving it on the upper floors. The rooms have keycards to enter, giving some level of security, which is good, considering there are no lockers for keeping personal items or valuables. In the large dorm, the beds are metal bunk beds, with no ladders or rails. The mattresses are adequately comfortable, though the temperature in the room is not well controlled; in the top floor dorm, in the beds near the heater, the heat is stifling and sleep disruptive.

The dorm rooms have en suite bathrooms with the toilet, sink, and shower all encapsulated in one room. This can be problematic at peak use times. The bathrooms are kept fairly clean and adequate in size, and meet your basic needs. Sheets are included in the cost of rental; you can also rent a very small towel.

Common Spaces

The common room, with wood floors and high ceilings, also houses the reception, with plentiful tables and chairs for eating or chatting. There is a chess and checkers set, a television, and a small collection of books. The kitchen is somewhat small, but brightly lit, and also houses a washer and dryer.

Breakfast is free, though it is very light; you will be severely disappointed if you are hoping for a filling breakfast. There is nothing but bread that can be toasted in the kitchen, where they have two toasters. At least each table has its own butter, jam, peanut butter, and Nutella, so there isn't a pile up at the serving table. There is also free hot tea and coffee available.

The common space also has drinks, like water, juice, soda, and Red Bull, for sale at a premium. There are also souvenirs, snacks, and toiletry essentials you can purchase.


If you don't mind hiking up the narrow staircase, and need a budget hostel to crash in, the Orfeo will cover you. It's well worn and a wee bit shabby, but it'll see you through the night and set you off in the morning with a bit of toast in your belly.

by Beth J
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
March 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4  Room 6 was really tiny unlike the other rooms but it was still enough to sleep and eat and have a great stay with a very nice reception. Everything was great, it was not really that loud. Near Leidesplan, i would recommend it and go again. 4/5 cause it missed a little bit of comfort.  , age 20, Germany ()
1   LOUD!!!!! If you're happy sleeping between 5am and 10am then this is the place for you, if you desire a more regular sleeping arrangement I would suggest choosing somewhere else. Bourbon alley (live music venue) is literally next door and you can hear every cover, every fight and every song ... all night, every night.  , age 25, Australia ()
4   On the whole -- fine I had booked a two-person room for me and my partner. unfortunately what we got was not a bed for two but instead a loft bed so we had to sleep separated. I think that's just a minor thing but should be mentioned. The room itself was tidy and quite clean -- the bedding was all fresh and the minimal furniture was tidy. Only the bathroom [shower and toilet are separated] were slightly scruffy. Nevertheless for such little money it was a good choice and if you really just stay there to get some sleep it's alright.  , Germany ()
4   Ok, but not as gay as promised It was pretty good -- I appreciated the breakfast and location, although the rooms are a bit spartan, but nothing out of the ordinary for a hostel (except there were no lockers). A word of warning, though -- I was directed here from listings of gay hotels, and it really isn't all that gay. Oh, well.  , Canada ()
4   Fairly nice rooms, very nice and accommodating staff it was a nice place in a nice area. I would stay there again if I go back.  , Canadian ()

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