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This hostel has a great atmosphere. It is located only a few blocks from historic downtown El Paso. The lobby is a friendly common area with pay internet and a great old phone booth, possibly the original in the building.

The dorm rooms are located up a beautiful marble staircase and have 2 bunkbeds each, as well as a sink and mirror. The bathrooms are very clean, and are accessible through the dorms only, shared by the adjacent room. Be sure to lock the door from your room or the adjacent dorm will have access to your room.

There are no free meals here, but the kitchen downstairs is large, clean, and well-equipped. The common room downstairs has cable TV, a pool table free for use, and a small library. There are no chores at this hostel.

The manager is very friendly and informative of local sights and services. Don't be surprised if you are invited by staff members to a local event!
by Meaghan Allen Staff Reviewer
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311 East Franklin Avenue, El Paso, Texas, USA
31.761706, -106.487968 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (915) 532-3661
+1 915-532-0302
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Ideal for a night's stay in El Paso
Ideal for a night's stay in El Paso. I stayed here and enjoyed my stay at the Gardner Hotel. I will be back for sure. Great location great price. Friendly staff and accommodating. Room and hotel was clean!
Ok if you are traveling alone and don't mind roughing it
I stayed at the hostel in early 2006. but the only good parts were that it is cheap and close to the greyhound bus station. the desk guy wasn't that helpful. i actually rode the bus from tucson with some ex-cons, and they stayed at the same hostel. the desk guy seemed to know them well. i think that says it all. i had a room to myself, with shared bathroom, which was small but sort-of clean. the heating was ok. my advice, it's ok to stay. many restaurants are close by, as is the only nightclub -- but be careful there, high school girls try and pick you up, but you might get rolled in the carpark outside by their mexican friends when you try and walk back to the hostel after a few drinks. keep your important stuff with you at all times -- don't leave it in the rooms as the door locks are poor quality, and most ex-criminals that flop there know how to break them open easily. it's cheap, but be careful, guys.
No air conditioning in rooms, illegal parking available
If you're visiting during the summer, or when the weather is hot, which I suppose is most times of the year in El Paso, I suggest that you skip this hostel. There's no individual air conditioning in the guest rooms, so prepare to sweat. I checked out almost immediately. Otherwise, the room and bathroom was reasonably clean. Of course, you will need an extra set of sheets, because you will sweat like a pig in this hostel. Parking is on the street only, and there is "no parking" from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. per the parking meter. If you drive, prepare to park illegally, or at one of the city garages down the street. If you do decide to stay, sleep in the lobby or in the hallway. This may be the only way you'll tolerate the heat, unless you're accustomed to sleeping under the stars. El Paso and Juarez are a nice place to visit. I was happy to spend a few extra dollars and stay the night at the a motel down the road. You'll find out that air conditioning is not the thing to skip in El Paso. Nonetheless, my one hour stay at this hostel hasn't soured my hosteling experience. I've had great luck along the way with clean and air conditioned hostels. There are plenty out there that are comfortable, just not in El Paso apparently.
(USA )
El Paso's Embarrassment
The beds are uncomfortable. The staff made me worry about what a foreigner would think of the U.S. It is not a hostel, just a long-term residence hotel with a false pretense. It is not even an interesting place to stay. It is more halfway house than hostel. Try someplace else.
Sanders Noblitt
  I also had an incredibly bad stay at this hostel. The staff nice enough, the rooms however, terrible. I had a one meter by one meter puddle on the floor seeping from the adjoined bathroom, and when I finally decided to jump the puddle I found menstrual blood all over the toilet seat thanks to some of the permanent live in guests. My advice. Don't stay at a hostel with permanent residents unless they work there.
Dyan dos santos
  I stayed here in January 2006. The manager was very friendly and nice. He took me and another fellow hosteler to White Sands, an incredible experience. It's minutes from the Greyhound, but again the Manager was great and drove me there since I had a lot of stuff. The bathroom is a little dirty, but that's from age. Overall, it's a nice place but has some long-term living residence who usually just keep to themselves. I would return.
Canadian traveler
  I have stayed here several times. A rest here makes the long bus trip through the desert much easier. Greyhound is in easy walking distance. The hostel rooms are part of the larger hotel. If I lived in El Paso, I would not mind living at the Gardner. Quiet, full of antiques. The manager explained his mother's texmex cooking to me in the kitchen. It has the ambiance of the Hotel El Paseo at 1/10th the price. El Paso has a flavor of Mexico without having to cross the border. The weather is dry and sunny.
My Flatley
  This hostel would be a five-star hostel, with the exception of two details. The first detail is one of the staff members who works there in the evenings. He tries to offer trips to Juarez and other places, but to me he was an annoyance. He talked my ear off and was trying to flirt with me, never mind the 20-plus year age difference. The second detail is the guests. There were not many hostellers when I went, which is disappointing if you want to meet people. I would have liked to have gone with some other hostellers into Juarez. Although there were not many hostellers, there were several long-term residents who looked like they were $20 short of sleeping on the street. The cool thing about this hostel is that the kitchen is well stocked and very clean. It's a historic building, and the decor helps keep the historic flair. It's within walking distance to Juarez, and it's in the downtown area. The downtown area was not as "downtown" as I would have liked. El Paso seems pretty dead, especially on weeknights. All the missions are on the outskirts of El Paso so you have to drive to them. However, there are some benefits. The El Paso art museum is pretty neat, and the city itself is bi-cultural. You might find that if you go into a store, the owner does not speak English. Overall, it's a pretty cool place, but don't expect a lot of night life and Southwestern/Mexican flair. One last word of caution: do not go into Juarez alone.

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